Thursday, February 25, 2010

the government keeps secrets

the history channel recently did a documentary exposing and debunking some 9/11 conspiracy theories. they did a pretty good job of this, but it might be because some 9/11 conspiracy theories are very weird.

here's one they didn't cover which is pretty wild: all the planes were holograms. yeah, I don't know how many people buy into that, but I can't imagine that debunking it would be too difficult. (the landing gear from one of the planes fell on a woman who was rescued and taken to the hospital.)

however, they gave it all away in the end by some very heavy handed tactics. now, I am not saying their debunkings were wrong. i'm saying they are not giving up their crown of the 24-hour vector channel (as they were known when I was on alt.folklore.urbanlegends) any time soon.

they brought out a "former cia agent" (sigh) to tell us "the government can't keep secrets" (he giggle snorts) "they're always running to the washington post". excuse me, I think the government CAN keep PLENTY of secrets when they want to. I have been to the cia's own website. maybe he should go there.
like any organization if many people know, then the secret is harder to keep. but, it's not impossible. if people believe it's national security. or believe they will be severely punished. or think they won't be believed anyway because they have no proof... secrets can be kept.

the government has kept so many secrets of various types that it's insulting for someone to seriously say that.

but, then they have skeptics (they labeled themselves thusly) condescendingly telling us people engage in conspiracy theories because it makes them feel important. people engage in EVERYTHING because it makes them feel important. so, that's not news.

then they had a lady whose brother was killed 9/11 saying she felt that people who engaged in conspiracy theories didn't care about her brother's life. that's not a logical conclusion, but she's grieving. why the history channel wants to guilt trip people, I have no idea.

I think a VERY FEW people in very key positions may have overlooked information the cia was dragging around washington BEGGING people to look at. and the cia would know from bin laden. this, in turn, allowed things to go to where they did. whether anyone did more than this, I don't know.

even the debunkers had some questions about dick cheney. yeah, well, they should. oh here's a secret the government kept pretty well: where the fuck WAS cheney half the time after 9/11.

also, donald rumsfeld. dick cheney and rummy go on back. they both are also hangout partners with george h.w. bush. whether these people actually DID anything wrong, I don't know. but, they were all sorts of ready to jump on that shit when it happened to soldify the gop power base and go hardcore on foxnews.

yeah, I know george h.w. was represented by george w. term limits are a bitch. I figure george w. played his usual role: to have his dad's back.

here's some conspiracy theory: cathy o'brien says george w. was always the bush (after his dad) who was going to run for president. it was him, not jeb, who would always be around when george h.w. wanted someone to guard his back. she says bush was in charge of reagan. AND clinton was his backup plan in case he didn't win term two. (this is in tranceformation of america, 1995)


Allen the Duck Guy said...

anyone who believes that the government cannot keep secrets is lying or stupid or both.

shampoo said...

for someone from the agency to say it... good grief. he deserved to be smacked for that.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

the government is our friend. it keeps no secrets. big brother never lies. we are at war with bin laden. we have always been at war with bin laden. we never were at war with russia. we never used bin laden to fight a war with russia...

get it striaght folks- 1984 isn't about being watched. it's about being brainwashed.

shampoo said...

they just showed they live on amc.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

stay asleep.
this is your god.
fair and balanced.

shampoo said...

line from the movie, "you're not the first person to wake up from your dream."

shampoo said...

line from the movie, "you're not the first person to wake up from your dream."