Wednesday, February 3, 2010

simon cowell is dead to me

oh, HELL NO! simon cowell got wind that quincy jones was going to do a 25th anniversary edition of "we are the world". o.k., whatever.

quincy jones and lionel richie (and michael jackson chimed in with "we are the children" and possibly a "shamoan" or two) wrote the thing, so again. whatever.

but simon has proven his evilness by using for "his" "charity" single a real song. a song that wasn't stupid... he's using "everybody hurts" by r.e.m.

only, he's lined up some singers... honestly, I stopped reading after the second name because that name is MILEY CYRUS. oh, hell no, she can't sing even a little at all. wtf? this is sick and wrong. the first name was susan boyle. hello, michael stipe sings perfectly well.

I assume this is for haiti which, if so, is kind of mean. "everybody hurts"? I didn't just have a building fall on me, so i'd say my pain level is something i don't want to complain to people in haiti about.

also... we don't really need "awareness" about haiti. they straight up need help. so, why not stop with all the nonsense and just send the fucking money straight to them NOW? yes, there's less showing off. but, if assholes could refrain from skimming money from charities more money could be sent faster.

and isn't helping people what charity is about?

however, simon cowell is still dead to me. there was no need to expose the public to miley cyrus trying to cover people who can actually sing.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

miley cyrus sucks greasey goat ass.
and speaking of shit that is foul- sarah silverman is back on tv. i thought you had to be funny to have a comedy show???? sarah silverman is to comedy as sarah palin is to poltics.

shampoo said...

miley cyrus shouldn't be allowed to sing in public. or record herself singing. that goes from billy ray, too.

during my severe emotional trauma last night I heard sarah silverman's voice coming from my tv (i'd left it on, little realizing...). I dragged myself in here and turned that shit off.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

If I was being chased by ravenous zombies I would still take time to turn teh TV off of either Sarah Shithead. I hate them both with a passion I can barely manage. Both need to die in horrible, humiliating fashion, like being crushed underneath a gargatuan turd or being forced to listen to the droning, ingorant noise of their own voice until they chewed the veins of their wrists out.

shampoo said...

so we're not sarah and miley's biggest fans. however, setting that aside... why is simon
1. defiling a rem song
2. using miley who CANNOT sing.

miley isn't like sarah... sarah MIGHT be funny to a few people (i don't know... i'm not sure why we're talking about her). but, there is no way anyone not completely tone deaf can say that miley can sing. the only reason she's famous is the disney machine.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Sorry i went off topic. I didn't know I was being moderated.

The link between the Sarahs and Miley is thematic: Sarah Palin is a fucking retard and yet is the frontrunner for 2012; Sarah Silverman is as funny as a relative dying with alzheimers and yet is one of the biggest female comedians out there, and Miley Cyrus is as entertaining as have poison oak on your face and yet is the biggest entertainer out there (though Taylor Swift is quickly conquering that position, thank you Jesus).

When I think of one, I think of them all because all 3 are so bafflingly.... whatever the fuck they are. Grrrr.

Anyway, Cowell may have decent to shit taste in music, but he has great taste in money. REM's Everybody Hurts is a song that can easily be used to garner sympathy and Miley Cyrus is the biggest name in pop music (sadly enough). It is $$$ made in heaven. Given the cause...

shampoo said...

actually, I only read two names on the list of names. for all I know sarah silverman could be singing on this thing as well.

I understand the $$$ part, but there are famous singers with a tiny bit of singing ability. miley seemed like a weird pick, her popularity with children aside.