Thursday, February 25, 2010

another casuality of reality tv?

in september 2006, melinda duckett shot herself only hours before an interview with nancy grace was set to air. she left three suicide notes, one to her parents, one to her grandparents, and one to the general public.

melinda's little boy trenton had been missing for a week. she said someone cut the screen, came in his window, and took him. one witness places her and the baby at a restaurant around the same time. melinda's death effectively ended law enforcements investigation into some areas.

to this day, her son trenton has not been found. her notes seem to indicate the boy may be alive causing some to wonder if she sold/gave him to someone. but, of course, it could also mean she really didn't know what happened to him.

melinda had expected the interview to be sympathetic. I suppose she might never have seen nancy's show. whether the interview started politely, it ended with nancy relentlessly demanding answers while pounding her desk.

some people believe this was too much for melinda and caused her to kill herself. in fact, her family is suing. nancy says melinda's "guilty conscience" caused her to commit suicide. melinda has been described as "troubled" before any of this happened. nancy did run the segment despite melinda's death.

so, nancy didn't want to be deposed on camera. she was denied that request which seems fair. she played cindy anthony's deposition for the civil suit brought by zenaida fernandez-gonzalez (zfg is suing casey anthony).

many of the questions cindy was asked pertain to caylee marie anthony, her three-year-old murdered granddaughter. since casey is on trial for her life, cindy probably would rather her deposition not be shown on tv. nancy showed it, so her not wanting her own deposition filmed is interesting.

however, I found it interesting that cindy came to think of anyone who was watching caylee as "zanny". that seems very, very weird to me.

I didn't know this until I was reading websleuths yesterday, but "zany" means xanax. was caylee's "babysitter" actually being drugged by partying mom casey? did casey turn to chloroform after she couldn't get xanax or it stopped working? anyway, there's a big thread about this. some also think "zenaida" was casey's alter ego.

back on topic, I think people involved with serious crimes (accused, witness, victim, etc.) and interviews with the media gets into some very weird areas. I wonder how it affects investigations and trials, not to mention the mental health of some people.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i don't much about this except this:
i thoink i'd kill myself rather than face nancy grace too.

she's scarey...

shampoo said...

i don't know if the case against melinda is any good or not. but yeah, nancy is scary.