Thursday, February 25, 2010

sam brown needs to look up the word "abstract"

so, sam brown has been explaining away jay-z's video "on to the next one" and in doing so he's dragged out the old "abstract imagery". next, we'll hear that they were just hanging out with jay-z's damien hirst collection and made a video by accident.

now, people are jumping to insane conclusions with this video. it's got something to do with the illumanti, etc. to hear some tell it.

it has to do with jay-z's current rap feuds, jay-z wanting to look like a rock star, etc. oh and swizz beatz, too. he's in it.

but human skulls, horned animal skulls mean something. you blindfold a woman and have something dark running out of her mouth, people are going to think it represents blood.

images DO have certain meanings. it's adding them up where people are getting confused. but, they're not pulling their conclusions from thin air. they're just not using everything in the video (a mistake).


Allen the Duck Guy said...

it is a sad statement on our culture that art eductaion is so pathetic that few people understand how to interpret visual media. it's scarey when you consider how flooded with imagery we are.

shampoo said...

yeah... there's several different interpretations you could get from that video. there are a few abstract things, but those aren't the things that have been called out. people are noticing the skulls, the black and white fluids, the hammer dripping blood, etc. the bullets by the crucifix bothers a lot of people, too. some of these things are flashed by pretty quickly, so that makes it weird. the circle of teeth goes by quickly, for example. and they are definitely human-looking teeth. i mean, the hell? wtf are people supposed to think?

however, not many people notice we see five bullets, then three, then the two by the crucifix. to me, that's rap feud stuff. so i went from there and googled who he's feuding with... viola. but i could be wrong. but there's the girl in the basketball uniform and flaming basketballs... clearly, that refers to something different than everything else... it's just shawn carter is so rich!!!!!

it might be just a bunch of stuff they thought looked cool. but three grown men ought to haved a little more sense than that. especially considering their jobs.

some people think jay-z is just trying to get attention... and that's also probably true.

Anonymous said...

jay-z also said something about you-tube feuds. that goes with the lyrics, too. because he tells people to grow up and says "come here and let me coach you." so some of it might be saying you better stfu before you really piss someone off because it is true that people have been shot because of kind of stupid rap feuds. even more often, someone's career has been ended.

he apparently has another song (or whatever it's called) about the same subject.

so that makes a little more sense why he goes on about how much stuff he has... to tell people the top rappers still have the skills that got them all of that.

he says in "on to the next one" .. "i have a million ways to get it, choose wisely."

so even though i can see where some people get crazy ideas... if you look into what is going on with jay-z (and swizz beatz) as well as the lyrics... there's another interpretation that fits the video a lot better.

even still there are a few things that are strange and i'm not sure about that. but, i pretty well know jay-z is not a klum master without having proof. haha

shampoo said...

that last comment was me..shampoo