Sunday, February 21, 2010

perfect catch starring carmen elecktra

omg! this show... I knew I had to watch it as soon as I saw them photographing carmen with the semi-setting sun behind her, thus making it impossible to tell her from any other long-haired young woman. (i mean cameraman, wtf? she's the star! she only shows up for the beginning and end of the show!)

basically, people go around the greek islands looking for good-looking people. the "catchers" are models, etc. so it's fairly easy for them to persuade people to go on a yacht with them.

this show is pretty fun except one girl cried when she got thrown back. awww, how sad. (i'm not being sarcastic, I felt bad she cried. she even kept crying despite everyone telling her how pretty she was.)

oh, this is on e! I hope they did background checks.

also, the scenery is sooo beautiful.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i'm still missing sexiest beaches with bridgette marquart. maybe i'll check this out, though bridgette is lightyears prettier than carmen.

shampoo said...

i haven't ever seen it since that time. but, you don't see that much of carmen. she got a sweet vacay out of it, so good for her.