Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what really happened to mackenzie?

I just watched the car smashing episode of "celebrity rehab". they've been mispromoting it as usual to make it look as if joey (from the real world, I haven't watched that it years so I don't really know him... but dennis rodman did) just started smashing up someone's car. it's at a junkyard.
they got their choice of smashing implements, then there were the best looking two cars at the junkyard (supposedly, these cars looked pretty good to me... is there such thing as a rich people's junkyard?), a couple of monitors, and a couple of tvs (these last items looked legitimately old, as 70-80s tvs). plus various smashing implements from sledge hammers to dishes.

so, some doctor outlines the exercise which is basically smash the hell out of stuff, yelling if possible about whatever you're mad about. mackenzie practically leapt out of her seat to go first.

at this point, mackenzie is bound by her publisher not to say anything about the revelations that are in her (then unreleased) book. so, pre-smashing she manages to politely say she's angry at "a family member who passed away" because she was "exposed to adult experiences" as a child.

then she gives the well-known example of being injected with cocaine as a teen by her dad. this caused cocaine addict joey to visibly flinch. so, I guess it's new info to some people or maybe it's just different sitting a few feet from her when she says it.

so, mackenzie starts off her smashing by yelling about "bastards who hurt children" then later smashes a tv. the doctor asks, "who is it?" mackenzie pauses to say, "my dad" before yelling at "why couldn't you say you were sorry?" oh, mackenzie.

in the course of all of this mackenzie says something that is almost word for word what cisco wheeler said in a (rare) interview with a radio station in canada. it gave me chills... because cisco wheeler is... wow, where to start?

cisco coauthored two books with fritz springmeier. he is a conspiracy writer (who does really excellent research and is a good writer) about her experiences with things most people don't know about. these books were self published and are now freely available online.

cisco was born in 1946. she is a descendent of ulysess s. grant and her grandfather was a general as well. her father was a pentcostal minister, but he did not believe anything he preached. this position he deliberately attained as part of a plan. his family had the wealth and connections to have made something else available to him had that been in their best interest. also, he did another job involving behavior modification. his life had been planned, so was cisco's.

from birth, she and her father lived in a room within their house. despite being born prematurely, she had little contact with her mother. her father cared for her and spent all of his time with her (remember, he did not really need money).

one of her first traumas was to be separated from her father, but that wasn't THE trauma. THE trauma was that he raped her. she was severely injured physically, but that isn't as bad as what happened to her mind. again, this was by design.

cisco lived the next 40 years in a mix of trauma, torture and odd gentleness. she had little contact with people outside her family and possibly no contact with people not approved by them. she did not even know how to go to the grocery store.

she woke up in the morning and was told what to do. when she was done, she went back to bed. she was past the age of 40 before she realized her true age. she believed she was 17. she believed this so strongly, she saw her 17 y.o. self in the mirror. some of this was probably due to the fact she was learning to do her father's job (not the pentcostal one).

then, her father died. this is when cisco realized something was very, very wrong. she wanted to die, too. not from normal grief, but because it had been heavily ingrained within her since he wasn't just her father. he was her master.

cisco's family practiced rituals and abuse was part of it. some of the abuse was to compel silence. even though cisco have written about what they did to HER, I don't know if she's really told all their secrets. she wrote because she wasn't the only victim and she wanted to help others.

the torture she endured is known as sra (satanic* ritual abuse). *it doesn't have to be satanic... most practitioners wouldn't use this term. it's specific and planned and fucks people up a lot. some of the abusers believe they are "helping" the people they abuse by "training" them. this predates mkultra by a lot.

but one person who was involved in both was dr. green. there are at least three doctor greens (that cisco knows of, her info only goes to about 1980). but she met THE dr. green and he played the daisy game with her.

so, I am really hoping it's just a coincidence what mackenzie said. if it's not, she needs to have someone look at cisco's books for her because they have advice for recovery (it's not something victims of this specific thing should read themselves) from SPECIFICALLY that sort of thing.

also, until she had done significant recovery cisco felt sorry for children who hadn't been raped by their fathers. she was convinced that he did it because he loved her. she even cried (something she rarely did) for the poor, unloved children. so, before this, she would have said her incestous relationship with her father was "consensual." fortunately, cisco is now able to see how wrong this is... it's really so sad. but, her father wouldn't have apologized either because he had the same fucked up thinking as she did.

another thing that worries me about mackenzie is she really broke down after her father died. I am not sure if it was as bad as what cisco went through... hopefully not.

now, I KNOW what it is to lose a parent, but it doesn't make you want to literally climb into the coffin with them. it really doesn't if you have a normal relationship. it's very sad, but it's not like that.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

this poor mackenzie girl... and her story is far from unusual. i'd wager all i own that lindsey lohan and mylie cyrus have also been involved in 'consensual' incest. it's really sick how much of that stuff goes on.
and for my part, i'd bet more than a little of it is associated with cults that we're never told about, (ala courtney love, who was a part of a 'commmune' herself and grew up to be a psychotic murderer...)

shampoo said...

that is what the rituals are for... to break down people's resistence to harming themselves or others.

sra mostly means the abuse was carried out in a ritualistic manner. usually with robes and candles in the story somewhere. sometimes the people doing it know that no one will believe their victims if they start talking about sra. and of course, there are many other weird cults besides satanists.

courtney is sort of interesting because she fits a lot of this stuff. just from her bio and her behavior.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

didn't that one lady who wrote the book break free from the mind control through belief in God?

faith is the best armor in these dark days. maybe that's not very cool, but it's true. a life time of interest, study, and forgaing into the occult, conspiratorial, and supernatural has underlined to me, at least, that belief in God and Christ is the only safe place in this world.