Saturday, February 6, 2010

oh, biggie

fuse has decided to play a few videos (i know!) from the notorious B.I.G.
one video has smoothing through the club advice. approach the target, see if she's got a date already, engage in humorous banter, then ask her "what numbers to dial." it appeared to work really well because he brought home so many women he had to have diddy entertain the spare ladies in a hot tub.

in another video, biggie assures us that he's doing quite well financially. this is demonstrated by the large number of friends he has alternately lounging, dancing, or playing video games. and the maid serving champagne and the accountant making sure biggie wasn't too inconvenienced by, say, a bill from direct tv where he was over charged.

biggie mentions he has not forgotten his humble beginnings, as depicted as him approaching his mama's smallish refrigerator. my goodness, you know she was glad when he started paying the food bill.

finaly, biggie and diddy along with an assortment of ladies go off to search for mermaids. fortunately, they decide to use a speedboat because they do get chased by helicopters.
back on land, they're strolling toward diddy's convertible when they see the same killjoys are after them again. this time on motorcycles and in hummers (i guess the helicopters were getting refueled).

fortunately, diddy graduated from driving backwards school and they get away. I guess diddy had places to be because he leaves (the car, I know!). so, biggie proves his driving backward skill is legendary as he does so one handed. from the passenger seat.

fortunately, biggie arrives at his fabulous mermaid party. yes, having gone through the best of the land women, biggie has a luxury aquarium filled with beautiful mermaids. all of biggie's locations have a dance floor where he and diddy and the ladies (well, mostly the ladies) do some dancing in a big golden dome.

i'll keep an eye out for more educational videos!


Allen the Duck Guy said...

rap videos... lowering the collective IQ for twenty years and counting...

shampoo said...

hehe...these were actually kind of funnny....