Friday, February 26, 2010

taking vicodin with tussinex is a bad idea

I just read brittany murphy's toxicology report. she wasn't a drug addict. her weakened condition caused by pneumonia and severe anemia contributed to her death.

the drugs she had were consistent with someone trying to self-medicate a respiratory infection (they said, not me). so they've given her the ever popular "accidential overdose" designation.

IF you have vicodin, don't take tussinex. you already have hydrocodone in the vicodin. take tussinex's "little brother" (as my doctor calls it), delsim. it's otc. or, take tussinex since it's faster acting, and don't take vicodin. just take tylenol. too much hydrocodone doesn't make you cough less. it depresses your respiration. they don't say brittany od on these particular drugs, but this is common sense. i've never even taken vicodin, so I don't know so much about it. I do know what is in it, however.

mysteriously, she had three "benzos" (as dr. drew calls them) that didn't match any of the prescription bottles at her house. she'd been home sick for a few days, so how the fuck did these drugs get into brittany's system?

examination of her body proves she wasn't abusing drugs or alcohol chronically so, i'd have to think she was at least TRYING to be careful with her medicines. so why would she take three random pills?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

the fact that britteny murphey wasn't abusing drugs still hasn't been widely reported by the media. that seems so damned unfair.

shampoo said...

yes, it does. but, if she's not an addict (she wasnt) she never would have taken three random pills. so they don't want to think about how they got into her bloodstream.

shampoo said...

oh, and brittany weighed 115 lbs. so, she wasn't as underweight as she appeared. maybe it was just because she was so sick that she looked gaunt.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

yeah. man i feel bad for her. she was so talented. what a loss.

shampoo said...

rip, brittany.