Monday, April 12, 2010

spy games is stupid

o.k., speaking of the cia ... I finally saw that dumbass movie robert redford and brad pitt made. look, i need to pray this movie is a totally inaccurate portrayal because if it's not... holy shit, we are fucked.

fun highlights:

the cia (in the movie) is unable to tap cell phones or, in fact, hear very well normal conversations/phone conversation IN THEIR OWN BUILDING when they have a specific target IN SIGHT.

they are amazingly easily amused spending TWO DAYS listening to a rambling account that could be easily summed up with one word: "girlfriend".

they haven't heard about sexpionge.

they are very subtle in their operations... oh wait, that was the blues brothers, no they are pretty obvious. however, they are good at climbing stuff.

they have difficulty forging documents.

they have difficulty in detecting forgeries.

they have difficulty in detecting code talk right in front of them.

they will easily give up their true id if a girl pouts. even if their boss outs himself to say, hey dumbass, your girl is not so honest.

they have to be reminded to check out associates.

they need random civilians to carry out assassinations. however, they will drive the civilian to, well, NEAR the target.

they are worse than I am with schedules.

this is just a fucking stupid movie. I am sneakier in my day to day life. also, if I have a signature and a document and ima gonna use an old timey fax machine... I got your forgery, five minutes. everyone knows how to do this, right? it took like two hours in the movie, I swear.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i saw this movie when it came out in the theatres (back in the day when it was affordable to go to the theatre). honestly, though, i recall nothing of it. it sounds like zoolander, the way you've described it. only, zoolander didn't suck.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, maybe it's more impressive in the theater?

i wonder if this is a tale from like 1939 that they put in modern day and just had to let fall by the wayside all the "it can't happen like that" moments figuring most people wouldn't get hung up on weird stuff.

but.. yeah.. brad was paving the way for derek zoolander.