Monday, April 5, 2010

celebrity fit club, maybe eventually i'll see it all...

i still haven't seen all of the last episode of celebrity fit club. i did, however, see the last weigh ins...

jay mccarroll lost 40 pounds! dr. ian encouraged him to stick with the program (jay has said he wants some muscles now, haha) which will be a lot easier with all the prizes he won! jay beat his nearest competition, kfed, to win the individual weight loss challenge. he got a gym membership, some nice exercise equipment, a nice watch, some guitars, and $20,000. so, i am really happy for him.

but, kfed did not go unrewarded! his team (the blue team) were the team winners and the prizes they got included most of the things jay got as well as a few more items including a nice trip. they got $70,000... i don't know if that was apiece or if it was to be split four ways. the members of the blue team are caycee, sebastian, tanisha, and kfed. (red team members: shar, nicole, bobby, and jay). there was some confetti dropped so sebastian and tanisha held hands and danced around under it. haha well, tanisha kind of hopped. she hurt her leg the previous episode.

i am a little irritated at bobby... he is making me side with whitney huston and i don't appreciate that. bobby was a huge, huge baby the whole time except for a few shining instances where he was pretty nice. i don't know if it's the fact that bobby's definition of "sobrity" is a little different than most people's (he regularly drinks, often to excess) or what, but he pouts up in a hurry.

he made a bet with dr. ian that he'd donate $1,000 to charity for every pound under his goal that he was. his goal was 20 pounds for the season. bobby lost 11 pounds. in fact, this week he actually gained a pound. so, he had to write a check for $9,000. he did sign a check and leave it, then stomped out muttering "kiss my ass." so everyone had to go out and convince him to come back inside. after he did, dr. ian said bobby can have 60 more days to lose the nine pounds and dr. ian will just hold the check (which wasn't made out in any case) to see what happens.

so, i guess bobby doesn't have $9,000? um... i find that a little improbable. for one thing, they are paid to be on this show. for another thing, if bobby had been so concerned about the money, he could've worked a lot harder to lose weight or just not made the bet in the first place. sure, it was dr. ian's idea, but bobby could have just said he didn't want to bet on that or offered an alternative of some sort. also, dr. ian only came up with that idea to motivate bobby because bobby was not following the diet at all. i think bobby just wanted to be on a television show and was all pouty and so on that the show expected him to actually DO something.

for one solid week harvey tried to call bobby because bobby had asked him to help him workout. harvey said he called "all three numbers" and the only person he talked to was bobby's daughter. bobby tried to blame the fact he hadn't talked to harvey on his DAUGHTER saying "she didn't tell me", but harvey said he heard bobby in the background. so, bobby had to admit that he had been there. he didn't really have any particular reason for not getting on the phone, but it's pretty obvious he didn't really want to work out or do anything else. i don't know why he specifically asked harvey to call him to arrange these workouts, but i guess that's the sort of thing he does.

other people who have been on the show that have taken harvey up on his offer have found it is very helpful and it really helped them with their workouts and success on the show. the season ross was on there, he worked with harvey and i am pretty sure he won the individual competition (unless that was the year maureen was on there). he lost a lot of weight in any case.

shar did really well on the show. the therapist lady on the show talked to shar and kevin a lot (separately) and kevin decided to apologize on the show to shar. i haven't seen his apology, but shar said it was the best moment for her. surprisingly, kevin said it was the best moment for him, too. he said it was really helpful and he thought "it helped shar, too." so, that says a lot about how difficult things must have been ... it's kind of surprising they have worked things out as well as they have. i guess that goes to show people can work things out (with custody and visitation) if they put their children first.

the thing about this show is dr. ian, robin, and harvey are so much more fair when it comes to the competitors. they seem much more able to put aside their personal feelings, especially harvey. (note, i haven't seen every season or every episode of cfc) then i look at celebrity rehab and sober house where supposedly it's (dramatic pause) life or death. yet, OBVIOUS favoritism is shown. some staff members are moody and/or passive aggressive. some people are continually treated as more important than other people. i don't know... the difference in the two shows are pretty shocking, but it shows a much better way of treating people. i'm sure having been in the marines harvey has seen it all by now, but he still views the celebrities as individuals. he scolds them when they need it and compliments them when they deserve it. it seems to work much better than what craziness i see on celebrity rehab where they will let one or two nutcases piss them off at everyone constantly. i'm sure everyone can think of a million ridiculous things from the dr. drew show. i have stopped watching it... i wonder how many people that show has turned off of rehab. to me, it's just proven that sort of rehab doesn't halfway work.


Ricky Sprague said...

That extra 60 days gives Bobby a chance to either lose that extra 9 pounds, or gain back the 11. He probably should have written the check right then.

Yes, CFC is far better than Celebrity Rehab. Dr. Drew Pinsky is a tool. Harvey ought to kick his ass.

shampoo said...

ricky s., good point about bobby. haha considering how much he likes to dance he should try dancing away the pounds.

i love how harvey talks about the celebrities having "a badass hair day." haha, but when they overcome that, he always mentions it. he's just really good with them... i'd say he should go help on cr, but harvey doesn't deserve that nightmare of hair days.

another thing, cfc will leave some things out if it is really not good for the celebrity's health/career to discuss it. such as i think something else was going on with nicole that dr. ian had figured out from her food diary, etc. he seemed to really want her to stay on the diet (on her own) which is a little odd as she isn't at an unhealthy weight and, once someone is at a good weight, he's happy if they're happy.