Monday, April 12, 2010

can you name your blog something stupid?

I just found a blog called "mk not so ultra" er... what?

mkultra = manufacturing killers utilizing lethal tradecraft requiring assassination ... so this blog is called: manufacturing killers NOT SO utilizing lethal tradecraft requiring assassination?

thanks for playing. haha

mk is often short for mind kontrolle. but, there is the ultra. do people really think the cia sat around adding superlatives to programs to make them sound more badass? "that's a great name, sidney, but shouldn't it have a little more zing to it?"

oh well, I did find out about a whole new line of moronwear while there. do some people just have too much money?

p.s. ... the annoyance label concerns the tshirts (rightfully disparaged). they are obey brand and... well... I don't know if they're supposed to be ironic or what, but... they suck.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Top 10 other names the CIA considered for MK Ultra:
10. MK Super Fun Time
9. MK Badass
8. MK Live
7. MK Paperclip
6. BatMK
5. MK Super Mario
4. MK Satan... er, that is MK Longhorns
3. April Fresh MK
2. CSI: MK
1. MK: Fox News Edition

shampoo said...

considering that the remaining documents mention (several times) goings on in other countries (similar programs) a good name (less snappy than yours, but still) might be: project we can do stuff too! hm... pwcds/power cards!