Saturday, April 10, 2010

omg, will people PLEASE stop taking sarah palin seriously?

I just read a headline that boldly declared obama (who is potus) and sarah palin (who has some sort of tv show, i've heard) are "debating" nuclear policy. I really don't believe that. sarah couldn't "debate" a bowl of cereal let alone obama (who is extremely good at debates, please to see obama vs. h. clinton... she is better at debating than mccain, btw. but obama debated him, too so he can handle republican "debating tactics").

so, I have no idea what this is about. sarah probably ranted that we should blow people up on her show and someone asked obama and he said we weren't going to be doing that. I mean, the way newsactors have gotten these days and... I don't know what to call a newsactor who just writes stuff for publication (i am considering "newsranters") anything's possible.

it is being said on more than one blog that sarah is fucking mk'd. omg, it's like her whole fucking reason for not being relegated to the most remote part of alaska just became clear.

when she ran for mayor of fucking wasilla (pop. 7000), she ran a full-on party-sponsored campaign. she stressed she was a "born again" christian (i am starting to really wonder what that actually means... I know it SUPPOSEDLY comes from the bible, but my experience is anyone who really emphasizes this is well, like sarah. I am a christian and they scare me.) her opponent was lutheran, btw, he was kind of "wtf??" about that tactic. sarah also went on about being anti-abortion (because I am sure that has not one damned thing with being mayor of that town). hilariously, when she ran for re-election, she said she'd cut her own salary. and she did, by ONE PERCENT. she also hired a whole different person to actually do her job. he just so happened to be coming out to bumfuck alaska JUST TO WORK FOR SARAH though he had heavy connections with state government.

so, anyway, she was carefully groomed by the party. the numbers 8 and 22 come up so much with sarah it is beyond coincidence (there's like 50 incidences). some people have a real thing for numbers, I have no clue what this means (to anyone, but specifically the people who are into this), but 22 is one they are liking now. so, I take the 22 to mean we'll be putting up with her for a while.

but, back to the mk... she was a pageant girl. they like those. there is a shit ton of stuff in alaska related to that sort of creepy stuff.

she has some kind of relationship with henry kissinger who likes to use mind files (people who have information programmed into their mind for him to retrieve. note, this does not mean the mind file is smart just that they have a photographic memory with this part protected by amnesia walls.) she carries two blackberries, one red and one black (i don't know why this matters, no one has explained that. in some mk scripts used for kids programs are called "fruits", besides that idk).

then there's the disturbing pictures from the 2008 clinton initiative in manhattan. sarah is talking to several men including jesse jackson. cindy mccain comes up behind sarah (with a very weird smirk on her face) and palms some object off to jesse (she thinks she is hidden behind sarah's back... she is hidden from sarah). after he takes this small silver object, jesse says something into sarah's ear and her whole demeanor changes. it's noticeably odd... but other than that...?

this started people wondering if he had just activated her kitten programming. the pictures are at life magazine and these events are clearly shown. what they really mean, I don't know.

events that occur due to kitten programming are not meant to be remembered except when specifically called up because the "kitten" becomes a super freak with no thought to her own morals or husband or whatever else. (i think this probably was intended as an espionage thing... originally).

some people wonder why, if kittens exist, do people like elliot spitzer get caught with paying escorts. just to clear up one bit of confusion... kittens don't mean FREE sex. someone pays for them. sometimes the person getting the sex pays. sometimes the kitten's services are given as a gift. of course, if you have an agreement with the owner and don't follow through... well, you might get smeared all over the papers after they start sending you regular prostitutes rather than kittens (i guess they could also just be kittens who are aware of what they do). but anyway, someone they can let be publicized. (btw, there are male kittens).

publicity is one reason I would say sarah doesn't really do that. she's too high of rank and that would be too much of news... I think it'd leak out. but, that's the theory on her.

whatever the case... she is being controlled by someone (whether actually mk'd or not). who are they? what are they trying to do with her? are all the people who actually think she should run anything other than herself the ones who are mk'd?

shampoo wants her to go back to alaska asap. doesn't her gaggle of children need her?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

sarah palin has a communications degree from idaho university. she is only qualified to be on tv, not chime in on major political issues. to boot, she's a fucking idiot.
is she mind controlled?
can you control the mindless?
the treaty she- and the republicans- are bithcing about is an agreement between russia and the us to cut the nuclear arsenal by 1/3- THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT REAGAN WISHED TO CUT THE ARSENAL BY.
palin and gingrich (who is the former douchebag representative from my district- may his lying, boy-fucking ass rot in hell) are complaining that the treaty restrict how the us may use nuclear weapons to defend itself, claiming that it disallows us self defense. this is completely false. it is in plain, black and white, clear langauge in the treaty that both countries reserve the right to counter attack against biological weapons and against countries who do enter into nuclear regulations with the rest of the civilized world (ie, iran, north korea).
once again the fox "news" and its crew of half-educated fuckwits are completely misrepresenting and lying in order to create fear in the voting base, thereby creating, hopefully, a facist state in america. way to go, guys.
in truth, even a reduction of 1/3 still leaves either country with enough fire power to eradicate all life on earth a couple or three times over.
palin, limbaugh, hannity, and beck need to shut the fuck up, since out of the four of them only one has a college education (god help us, palin). gingritch knows better, but he's a fucking ass plugging lying sack of shit, so i expect no better out of him.

shampoo said...

stupid front alter keeps anyone from trying to make sense of what the mk'd does and says. kinda fits.

i hate fox news. they suck. most of them can easily remember the reagan administration. i think sp is the youngest and she would have been in college (an interesting place more fox employees should go!) during most of it.

but thanks for letting me know what this is all about. and yeah, after you can destroy the world more than once... you're good. plus, some of this stuff is old tech that might not work so well anyway. so it's a show of something to make people happy.

has newt turned boyfucker as well? (or rather been exposed as) i didn't know that. (shudder)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

i have heard local mutterings to that effect. like i said, he represented my district. the lying bastard lives around here.

shampoo said...

are all the rs gay? wtf?

there was the "call boy ring" scandal... i forget when... the reign of w maybe. in this case, the "boys" were 18+, at least (from what i've heard).

politicians suck.