Monday, April 5, 2010

kate gosselin's unintentional commentary on modern celebrity

i missed the first part of dwts. nicey's excellent performance was the first one i saw. congratulations to nicey! that was awesome! and she looked really pretty, too.

anyway, back to kate. she was given "paparazzi" by lady gaga as her song. so, her dance partner tony took her to see an acting coach. i think tony did kate a true favor because kate has been taking out her frustrations with the fucktard jon (and, if she is honest, herself) on the world. sure, the paps follow her and that's annoying and probably makes her mad. however, she NEEDS them because it's not like she has the kind of talent that keeps loyal fans year after year ... she has to stay fresh in her fans minds (for the most part). that's bound to be stressful. also, i have to say, even i expect better behavior from kate than i do the fucktard jon. i think most people do (imagine any of the stories of jon and put kate in his place, see what i mean?).

so, the premise they tried was kate was a glamorous star on the red carpet and tony was PRESS. kate prances down the red carpet, snarling in his general direction even as she poses. then the dance starts.

kate is still not too good at dancing (hey, some people just cannot dance), but this added something to the story (and this is why i think this part was unintentional commentary). several times during the dance, kate holds her hands out a noticeably long time for tony to take her and move her to the next part of the dance. this probably wasn't meant to be so obvious, but kate HAS to have the paparazzi. all celebrities do, really. even as they snarl and complain, they reach out to the paparazzi (by notifying them in advance so they can be onhand for example). everyone wants press, as much as they can get until the paps get a picture they don't like or a story runs that (even if it's denied) exposes a secret (even a small one). it has to be weird. then, at the end, kate has "fallen" to the floor and tony is walking away and she wraps her arms around his leg and holds on tightly.

the judges thought it was a strange performance. i guess it was, but it really was pretty interesting. i don't know if tony used kate's lack of dancing ability on purpose or if the storyline just worked out better in my head than it was supposed to! haha

i think i will watch some of the other dances i missed. it was interesting to see the different attempts at storyline. although most people kept it pretty simple so it was dependent on how well the dancers could convey emotion.

an interesting thing i thought was nicole (from pcd) had two deliberate breaks of the rules in her dance. there's a lift (she briefly lifts derek) and a "hold break". i wonder if derek put those in so nicole wouldn't seem TOO good compared to the other dancers. i still am wondering why they cast her... she's a good dancer, but then again... no surprise. she's much more likable than i thought, so i guess this will earn her some fans no matter what happens. and it kind of shows her as a person other than the other pcd.

i'm not sure who should go home. i still think probably kate as her dancing isn't good. i know she has a gaggle of children at home, but she just can't dance. i do like her better this episode than i did before. not a fan yet, but i feel like i understand how she feels a little better. the thing is, SHE seems to understand how she feels after the acting coach had her act out some of her feelings. so, maybe this will be a good experience for her.

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