Wednesday, April 14, 2010

no thanks, i've read the book

so, jared leto wants us to help him with some sort of "war" (?), but before the people who might wish to do this can snatch up the emo equivalent of logging chains, tire irons, and crotch bats, he procedes to tell us: the war is won! wtf!
then he starts singing about BRAVE NEW WORLD! that sounds awesome unless you've read the fucking book. i'm not saying it's a bad book. it's an awesome book. but, i don't want to live there. besides the fact personal helicopters were much more common than irl it was pretty sucktastic.

above george orwell is breaking things down for us.... (i know he did not write brave new world, i just like him better although i don't want to live in his books either).


Allen the Duck Guy said...

jared leto is very typical of what i've seen of gen emo. ill educated and more concearned with seeming cool that getting any "facts" straight.
come to think of it, there's a lot fo that going around these days. it's as if education has been abandoned in favor of propaganda and people have become capable of self-brainwashing to the point that they will believe with religious fervor anything they are told, even if those beliefs contradict beliefs they held religiously only a week ago. I mean, there seems to be no ability to think logically or flexibility in opinion. opinion is all that matters, even if it is based on nothing more than personal panty wadding. it's as if world is being guided into safe ignorance and petty headhunting by some shadow organization to...

aw, fuck me.

Ricky Sprague said...

I, too, prefer George Orwell to Aldous Huxley.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, i don't know that much about jared leto. i do think that there's a conspiracy theory that there is heavy tavistockesque social programming leading us right to the bnw.

it's that new qwerty program! (/sarah palin)

or...maybe someone just told him about the "feelies"?

shampoo said...

ricky, :)

orwell was a better writer...

(omg, the song is playing NOW)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

i've not read huxley, i'm embarassed to say, except for one amazing quote uttered at his death where he admited that he was sad to say that after a lifetime of trying to tell people how to make their world better the only advise he could really come up with was "Be kind to one another."
Good advice, better now than ever.
Orwell is the most important author of the 21st century, as his warnings and predictions are being played out in american media and politics with growing frequency.