Friday, May 28, 2010

gary coleman, 2-8-1968 to 5-28-2010

gary coleman died today. he had been placed on life support yesterday following a fall. today his wife sharon price had him taken off of life support. he passed away at 12:05 p.m. local time in Provo, Utah.

gary and sharon married in 2007 after meeting on the show "church bells." although most famous for his long-running role on different strokes, gary had acted in a variety of different movies and television shows throughout his life.

may is a difficult month for the child stars of different strokes. gary's co-star dana plato died may 8, 1999. her son committed suicide on may 8, 2010. (i don't know if gary actually knew dana's son).

rest in peace, gary coleman.

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Allen the Duck Guy said...

I liked Different Strokes when I was a kid, (back before it became a "How To" for affluant Hollywood types adopting black babies as a way to show they aren't racist-- which is, of course, even more horrible than actually being racist).

I think Gary Coleman was a more admirable figure than Michael "King of Molestation" Jackson, so he deserves at least as much acclaim as MJ. After all, Different Stokes was a classic show that has been beloved by millions (and going on three generations) all over the world.

I know Gary was always tortured by the typecasting he suffered as result of the show, and I can sympathize. However, I hope that now he has a broader perspective and can see he did something to be very proud of. I hope that brings the guy some peace at last.
Rest well, Mr. Coleman and thanks for the memories.