Sunday, May 30, 2010

10-28-09, brittany murphy reports gunfire outside house

the lapd were called to brittany murphy's home in the hollywood hills less than two months before the actress died. it was 2:30 a.m. and the neighbors kept hearing the actress's "incessant screaming."

when the police arrived, brittany was on her balcony screaming she'd heard gunfire and that someone was trying to shoot her. an investigation failed to turn up a gun, bullets, or dead bodies. a malfunctioning generator was blamed for the sounds brittany had heard.

this event was reported in gossip columns at the time as a "haha, she is so crazy" sort of thing. but, i wonder what really happened. the police were somewhat predisposed to believe the "crazy" theory as when they arrived the neighbors were helpfully twirling their fingers in front of their ears and pointing to brittany.

i don't know if brittany murphy had previously done things to tax the neighbors nerves or if, after living near britney spears when she had her well-publicized difficulties, the neighbors were short of patience with celebs of a certain name.

maybe it was just the generator.. i have no idea having never heard one "malfunction." i also don't know who else was in brittany's house (i assume her mother was there at least). i just thought this was a weird little story.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

What a strange story. Perhaps she was hallucinating? Perhaps there was some crazy bastard shooting at her? I guess we'll never know.

But, hey, way to go, police. Just assume the person is nuts- especially because they are rich and famous (and probably a pain in the ass, but still...). It's easier than actually investigating anything.

(On a related note- Kurt Cobain was murdered and his murder similarly investiated)

(On another ralted note, John Lennon's assassin claimed to be mind controled, ala MK Ultra- and that also was subjected to the crack investigation skills of the police)

(I could go on, but I won't...)

shampoo said...

if the person who was shooting at her wasn't crazy, they'd take their gun and leave before cops rolled up... just saying...

back in 1980 people OUGHT to have known about mkultra given congressional hearings in 1974. however, in 2010 people don't want to believe it was real OR acknowledge the fact the SAME documents (that survived the great destruction of records) that prove it also reference something called MKULTRA II.

although that doesn't prove mark chapman correct, it does present the possibility someone* did use such techniques on him. (*unfortunately, there are many suspect countries, agencies, people when it comes to mind control. fake names are rampant.)