Friday, May 28, 2010

simon monjack, history of heart problems

i recently read that simon monjack had been scheduled for bypass surgery. he'd been putting it off (against doctor's advice, most likely) because he was in the middle of planning some sort of event related to the brittany murphy charity he'd wanted to start. so, by itself, perhaps simon's death is not that suspicious.

however, the fact remains the same house has seen: a woman in her mid-twenties have what appeared to be a mental breakdown, a middle-aged woman diagnosed with cancer, a woman in her early thirties die of pneumonia, and a man in his late thirties die of a possible heart attack. of course, there is evidence of at least some drug use among these people, still.. it seems a little odd considering how quickly it all happened. especially since both deaths occurred at the house despite the fact 911 was called for them.

some people have mentioned that this kind of thing is much more common among drug addicts than regular people. i have to say that i don't know that much about that... but, i don't know that i've heard about this much happening in the same location before. however, i also don't know of any particular chemical the house could be leaking that would cause this variety of symtoms. whatever the case, maybe sharon murphy should consider a vacation away from that place just to see if her condition so happens to improve.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Sharon should leave that house. Places go bad after enough rotten crap happens in them. Between the insanity (and perhaps more) of Spears and the two horrible deaths of two young people, that place needs to be razed to the ground and let be for a while.

shampoo said...

I wonder when it was built and who all has lived there...