Thursday, June 10, 2010

miley cyrus, worries out of left field

I just read miley confiding that she "hates" that "people think" she's "on drugs." er, I wasn't aware anyone thought that? wth?

now, obviously, miley is going to be much more up to date on whatall people think of her than I am. but still. is this actually a thing?

most everyone i've heard about are too busy noticing... the way miley is... kind of, let's just say... plain spoken?

then there's miley's tendency to be a little er... well, remember the bra-revealing photo? like that. only more.

at the milder end they're not too surprised about her latest skimpy outfit then there's the more extreme end. some guy on the internet actually called her "depraved." (that seems harsh). oops, my bad... he called her "degenerate." (still too harsh, imo)

miley assures us that she will never "be that person" who drinks to excess. she's just going to keep in mind that... oh, I don't know, she lapsed into miley-ese.

she gives a lot of credit for her future commendable behavior to bret michaels. I guess miley hasn't found time to watch rock of love, rock of love 2, or rock of love bus.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I think that if she was regularly trashed off her little slutty ass then maybe we wouldn't have to suffer through that hot mess she calls singing, so I can, buy the girl a drink!

shampoo said...

allen tdg, being drunk only means someone would have to hold her up while she slurs into the microphone.