Tuesday, June 15, 2010

charlie sheen's flying car(s)

this is one of those wtf types of things... the police found charlie sheen's mercedes down a ditch/ravine (a small ravine or a deep ditch, but OFF the road). charlie wasn't in it... no one was in it. charlie says he "left his keys in the car." well, he lives in a gated community... so...

except this has happened before. about four months ago, his suv was found about a mile up the road from where the mercedes landed. same story. keys in the car. verdict in both cases (so far) "joyriding kids."

that might be plausible except, in the february incident, there is no video tape of the suv leaving the community.. which it would have needed to do in order to travel from charlie's driveway to the ditch/ravine. no word yet on the existence of the tape of the mercedes.

in the first case, charlie filed a stolen car report. but in the second case, he didn't realize his car was missing until the police told him they'd found it (this was 12 hours or so after the last time he saw which he says was at 4 p.m.).

i don't know what is going on in this case, but it seems strange to me. "joyriding kids"? wouldn't the kids who had access to this car be living in charlie's neighborhood so therefore rich themselves? i mean, i guess it's possible... especially since the keys were in the car, so it doesn't exactly take a seasoned car thief to get the car started.. but why would these kids crash the car? is that part of the fun?

now, i don't think this is some sort of "insurance fraud" as that would be stupid considering charlie's income. just to get that out of the way.

i wonder if someone charlie knew took the car and deliberately crashed it because they were pissed at him. or if he accidentally crashed it and walked home. or who knows what else. i guess it just depends if a video shows up this time of the "joyriding kids."

back to the missing tape...that's also curious. does the security company dump them after a certain amount of time (it sounds like a short time)? that seems ... odd... but who knows.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Maybe it was Michael Jordan, pissed off because Charlie won't stop showing him his underwear.

shampoo said...

hehe.... that's a possibility...