Friday, June 11, 2010

is angelina jolie as beautiful as the legendary cleopatra?

i saw an article today that questioned whether cleopatra was actually even a great beauty. but, when i clicked on the link, it was mostly touting angelina jolie taking on the role in an upcoming movie. i don't know how angie jo will feel about that article since that can be interpreted as saying she's not pretty.

i think it's safe to say cleopatra looked pretty damned good since we are still hearing about her NOW. people have forgotten a lot of gorgeous women between then and now, so either she lived up to the hype or she had the best p.r. team the world has ever seen.

that considered, there may not be any actress in the world who can live up to such a high standard of beauty. i think there are prettier actresses than angelina, but i know many people would disagree with that and i don't know that those actress would suit the role. also, what do i know? haha

angelina, they're gushing, has the "perfect look". and, coincidentally, brad pitt has the "perfect look" to play mark anthony. hmmm... how convenient. so, where to find julius cesar? from angie's former loves or former costars (there's a fair number of names on both lists).

i have tried to watch the elizabeth taylor version. i just can't with it. i think it's got so much going on that it gets really cluttered on a television. so, if i had access to a really fine movie theater so i could see it in its intended glory, i might have a different opinion on that.


Ricky Sprague said...

Yeah, I'm seeing Billy Bob Thornton as Cesar.

It's impossible to judge Cleopatra because we have no photographs (and no time machines -- or do we?), and standards of beauty keep changing. Look at Rubens paintings.

Cleopatra might have been a great beauty for her time. With, you know, boils and eczema and heavy wrinkles and crooked teeth and jaundiced eyes etc.

Today, she'd look like a deranged homeless person.

shampoo said...

billy bob was kind of who i was thinking of as well.

he is annoying.

i'm giving cleo the benefit of a doubt. being a queen she'd have good nutrition and some people do have naturally straight teeth. :)

but, it's probably pretty safe to say, angelina is thinner since i think that look is a modern contrivance.

some people say we have time machines, but those same people say it's broken ever since the beast of id ... so there you go. hehe

Allen the Duck Guy (and classical scholar) said...

Angelina Jolie is just not that pretty. She has a great body and the face of a dude. I think except for the fact that her break out role was a lesbian soft core porno, we'd not even know who she is these days.
Anyway, Cleopatra's beauty was remarked upon by every author of her day, so she was likely stunning by the standards of the day. The standards of the day were very close to Grecian (who invented the physical ideal) and those standards are pretty much the same as our own. Thus, Cleo was thin, wide in the hips, with B-C cups. She was likely very pale and a little on the tall side. This is consistent with the Egyptian depictions of her.
Of course, it is impossible to actually know, but I always like to assume that our ancestors are not as stupid as modern academia tells us they are.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, I imagine she was fairly slender. however, angelina is very slender... that has not always been the "best" look for grown women because some people think it looks unhealthy. but, probably all the variations, if you could see them standing side-by-side alive and well, would be pleasant looking. symmetrical features, for example, have always been favored as well. there have been some variations... but again... they all probably would look good if you could see them in person.

I don't want to go off on angelina, but she mostly has "the perfect look" because she's who they cast. if they'd cast scarlett johansson then SHE would have the perfect look. if they'd cast eva mendes, she would have it. (i just tried to pick two actresses with a different look than angelina... i'm not really saying they'd be better at the role.)