Monday, January 25, 2010

lady gaga prances in and takes over fuse

I know the loons over at that so-called church are avidly watching fuse today because it's lady gaga day.

as for me, I have watched on and off... I thought they'd let her play videos or something... maybe later?

so far, she's revealed that she shares her wig hair with her "little monsters." that's her pet name for her fans. haha the wig hair comes with a cd set, but it may be available other ways. she says she has a lot of wigs.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Obviously, she has one wig for every soul she has taken for MTV.

shampoo said...

lol, that's how she does it! the wiiiiiiiigs!

Allen the Duck Guy said...

And the Genesis Device, protected by her robot monkeys, that transforms the souls into wig fibers.

shampoo said...

how handy! a built in wig factory. I wonder how mtv works into this... all the tears from the real world?