Tuesday, January 19, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt9)

the next time jeanne comes to the apartment, paul is not there. she begs the landlady for information, but the landlady says she doesn't know "the man on the fourth floor." of course, she does and she calls jeanne back to say so, but jeanne has dramatically run off again.

after heartbrokenly sobbing on the apartment floor, jeanne calls tom. she tells him she's found an apartment for them and begs him to come right away. the address she gives is 1 rue jules verne (irl this is 1 rue de l'alboni).

when tom arrives, he's impressed at how big the apartment is and he immediately begins directing jeanne (for his own amusement, the crew isn't with him). he has her pretend to be an airplane, etc.

suddenly, tom declares they cannot play like children any more. they have to be adults. since neither of them knows what this means, tom says they'll "have to invent the words and the gestures."

just as suddenly, tom decides he cannot possibly live in this apartment. it stinks (literally). jeanne protests, but tom is adamant. they will find someplace else.

they wind up leaving on good terms, but separately. jeane is walking exactly where she was at the beginning of the movie when paul runs up to her.

paul cheerfully introduces himself. he says he's 45 and a "widower" (he doesn't mention the details on that). he says he owns a hotel that's "not a flop house."

bewildered, jeanne asks about the flop house. paul starts to answer, then he says, "what do you care if it's a flop house? do you love me or not?"

paul tells her that their days in the apartment are over (as far as them only meeting there), so they can have names and histories now. he's very interested in getting to know all about her.

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