Wednesday, January 13, 2010

doctor's office....

I took my sister to the doctor. she has to have tests. i'm back down on the first floor which is an enormous open floor plan type place. there's a small random area with chairs (as opposed to the occasional bench) which is where I am.

every small sound echos and assaults your ears. wtf? why would you make a medical place like that?

the lady down from me ate breakfast. crinkle crinkle crinkle crunch crinkle crunch crunch. if 90 percent of our surroundings weren't stone I probably couldn't even hear her... oh, she's moved along... yay.

well, the racket from every tiny thing everyone in this huge ill-planned expensive building is distracting me from worrying. being irritated at nonsense does make time go on by.

but seriously, doctor's offices/hospitals are kind of in need of some sound absorbance. someone 50 yards away will make a slight noise and i'll think they're right at the edge of the tiny rug i've found.

damn... I could not even afford to see a doctor here. if I have to come back i'm bringing ear plugs.

well... here's some more folks... no wonder my sister's blood pressure was so high yesterday.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

A hospital nearby has almost the same sort of bizarro waiting area. I guess they have decided that hospitals need to be creepier. Still, my girlfriend goes to a doctor whose office always smells like one of the patients have died and is slowly rotting behind the nurses' desk.

shampoo said...

many years ago my aunts (who were in school at the time) cleaned doctor's offices. sometimes I think they were the last one to hold that job.

some chick showed up and took over the seating area making it her own office and a PAIR of people showed up with a potato chip bag.

I hope whoever designed this thing didn't charge. it'd be o.k. for some things, but for this, no. plus, it seems they want you to leave your useless-ass family members at home because there's not many places to sit (i checked).

but, my sister's tests took about an hour altogether so she came back way sooner than I expected.

she was really shaky from the medicine and also kind of weird from it, but otherwise o.k. it is a very good thing she didn't need to drive AND that we didn't take her bigass car.

we had to drive all thru the parking garage which was tight in my little (cute) car. but we parked it in the sun so it was pleasantly warm to get into which was good because she was packed in ice. she kept forgetting and saying "i'm cold? are you cold? (no) maybe it's (theory)..." then she'd remember about the ice.