Sunday, January 3, 2010

"positive lohan mayhem"

this is what lindsay is promising us in 2010. I have no idea what she means, but she seems pretty enthusiastic about it. good luck, lindsay. :)

as for the infamous michael and dina... grow up already. lindsay gets more than enough press on her own, your antics really aren't needed.

btw, I once dreamed I had gotten lindsay's cell phone. I called her and she dropped by to pick it up. haha... here's the weirdest part, I found it in a grocery store. does she even go into such places?

btw, this was around the time I got my phone which had JUST come out... maybe I just got her mixed up with fergie, the actual phone spokesperson. it came with a fergie ringtone. lol


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I always feel sorry for Lindsey. I really don't think she's any more screwed up than half of Hollywood. And I think she's more talented than she's given credit for. Maybe everyone else hated I Know Who Killed Me, but I thought it was a clever thriller and she did a great job in her role.
I think it would be best for her to get as far away from her crazy ass parents.

shampoo said...

i think that movie was a nightmare to make so those rumors came out beforehand. I do agree about lindsay's parents, they... well, for example, ali's with lindsay now