Tuesday, January 5, 2010

gabriel johnson, missing baby (not related to THE johnsons)

nancy grace is freaking the heck out (rightfully) over some chick who took off with her eight month old baby before christmas. she was recently found in florida WITHOUT the baby.

the mom is from tempe, arizona and she took a 1000 mile roadtrip in her grandfather's white 95 olds delta 88. the car is missing, too.

most disturbing, she texted the baby's father claiming she had KILLED their baby boy. later, she told someone else that she gave the baby to some folks she met who "seemed nice."

she's in jail in florida and she won't give any information about the location of the baby OR the car. I know a car is no big deal compared to a baby... but, does it contain evidence? do the people who have the baby have it? (but... it winds up getting found)

the baby is white with blue eyes and blond hair. he's a super cute little boy. this is really sad.

before mom disappeared... she tried to get the dad to sign adoption papers. he refused.

the car has been found by the fbi in san antonio, texas! how she got to florida is a mystery at this point.

she lawyered up as soon as she got arrested. here's what I wonder... who commits a major crime and then purposely visits TEXAS AND FLORIDA?! wth? why not go to say, washington (state) or, better yet, canada. or procede from texas to mexico?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Sick bitch.
This is twice recently we have seen children being sold by their mothers. I guess at least the shit is coming to light now. It has been going on for a long time. It is a staple of cult activity.
Of course, no such activity exists according to the official story.

shampoo said...

oddly, she had a legit adoption lined up, then she takes this odd roadtrip... i wonder if she had more than one couple on the hook. or if the legit adoption couple was just a PLOY to distract from whatever she actually did.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I bet she took the baby to the highest bidder. Sick bitch.

shampoo said...

probably so... whoever it was seems to have met her in texas.