Tuesday, January 19, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt.7)

jeanne, after yet another argument with her mother, announces she's getting married. her mother asks, to whom and jeanne replies "tom."

needless to say, tom wants to film jeanne picking out her wedding gown. whether it's supposed to be the one she would really marry in or just another scene for the movie, i'm not sure.

two very heavily made-up women with very fake red hair dress jeanne up as a bride. they tell her, "the dress makes the bride."

back out on the sidewalk, now in a wedding dress, tom crowds in with the crew. but suddenly, it starts to rain and the crew calls it a day. tom follows them saying he wants to film in the rain.

jeanne decides to run off in the dress. she runs, of course, to paul. he's outside the apartment and they ride up in the elevator together. jeanne asks paul if he still wants her and revealingly pulls up her dress.

when they reach the apartment, paul carries jeanne to bed. but an instant later, he realizes she's soaking wih rain (paul is wearing a coat, so the rain is cold). he announces that she must take a hot bath immediately and goes off to run it.

for a while now, jeanne has been seeing a cat hanging around the apartment (there's no indication that it belongs to paul). she now seeks why! A RAT!

jeanne loses it and paul comes running. he's very amused that it's only a rat and teases jeanne by pretending he wants to eat the rat. he promises to let her have some rat as well.

jeanne is now set on leaving for fear of more rats! or even just the fact there was one rat. paul tells her she absolutely cannot leave until she has a bath. after she's warm and dry, she can go. but he won't have her catching pneumonia.

of course, jeanne dramatically runs to the door and declares she's getting married, etc. but she's trained everyone just to accept this overly dramatic behavior (she runs away a lot from paul, from tom, from her mother). so, paul persists until she agrees she ought to have a bath.

as paul washes jeanne, they chitchat about what she's revealed: she's getting married. at first, paul takes this in stride and asks her a few questions about her fiance. she claims tom is "magnificent" and that they "make love." (not believing that, i've "met" tom. haha)


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