Friday, January 1, 2010

westboro baptist church cannot get over lady gaga

they're back! the famewhore phelps clan is not happy with issuing anti-gaga press releases. they now have rewritten "poker face" to be "god hates lady gaga."

if they keep this up, 99.7 percent of the world will become card-carrying members of the lady gaga fanclub just to avoid any association with this nonsense. I just hope the dues are cheap.

as for their "song" ... I haven't heard "poker face" enough times to even sing it, much less rewrite it. so, they must really like listening to it....

also, is lady gaga REALLY the biggest ho in pop music? she hasn't even been a pop star that long... how can she possibly compare with madonna who has been plying her slut game for decades?

also, as allen tdg pointed out, making judgments in the lord's name is wrong... if we're going to get picky up in here...


Allen the Duck Guy said...

compared to ayn rand, lady gaga should rank with mother teresa.
and as far as media whores go, i'd say sarah palin has the widest groaning cave of a wanton cunt on earth.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

all taht said, lady gagag is so far down on the chain of shit god probably hates that she's about like complaining over a flea in a shit factory.

shampoo said...

that's kind of what I think... lady gaga has her faults (same as everyone), but there are so many worse people in this world it's ridiculous. I don't mean madonna either, I mean bad people who commit numerous murders.

lady gaga and madonna are as advertised. it's the ones who aren't that are the problem.

partly why they are picking on gaga is she went to some event for gays and sang some songs. they really hate gays. so, westboro baptist church/the phelps clan is a pretty tedious lot.