Tuesday, January 5, 2010

another victim of 2009?

casey johnson (b. 9-24-1979) was found dead at home on 1-4-2010. she was last seen alive on 12-28-09 and last posted to twitter very early on 12-29-09.

casey had been featured on "the fabulous life of..." because she, at that time, was heiress to the johnson & johnson fortune. in early december, her family cut her off due to some things like well... them having to take custody of her adopted daughter ava (now age 3), her drug problems, her november arrest for burgulary, and her drug problems.

recently, casey had become engaged to tila tequila. er... yes, that may have turned a few hairs of the johnson clan as well.

the l.a.p.d. says "there are no signs of foul play" ... what that actually means (as we have all recently learned) is casey didn't have a knife sticking out of her chest when they found her (or some other extremely obvious sign of a crime). casey does have a history of diabetic coma as well as drug use.

tila, who is not the greatest source, claims she and casey had argued 12-28. tila tried to call her 12-29, but casey's phone was "shut off."

it seems a little odd no one checked up on casey for such a large period of time... 12-29 to 1-4... so I really wonder about this one... her family was easily rich enough to hire someone to check on her. especially as they knew her medical history and current problems.

not to mention tila could have checked up on her "wifey". although, there's some speculation that there may have been a good reason she stayed away...

so, there's at least going to be toxicology test... casey was only 30 (which is a significant age, actually).

R.I.P., casey.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

This is another sad death of 2009. VERY suspicious. I feel sorry for this girl. I am also ashamed of how so many 'Christians' are saying she went to Hell.
Technically speaking guys, Christians are strictly forbidden from making such asanine judgements. We are told to love everyone, from wretches to saints.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, I don't know why people have to be so mean. I feel sad about what happened to casey. she had a really rough year and then to end up dying... I hope that she didn't suffer too much.

I don't know how this happened to her. there's something there besides using drugs or sex... I hope a thorough investigation is done.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I'm sure the investiagtion will be at least as thorough as the one into Brittney Murphey's death...

shampoo said...

you're probably right... I am expecting a "well sometimes people just die!" ruling for both of them.