Saturday, January 30, 2010

zenon: z3, the moon wants us off her!

o.k., so I have been watching the disney channel again. and I saw most of some movie about a teenage girl named zenon who was famous for being an activist.

anyway, her aunt and uncle have adopted a girl named dasha who looks up to zenon and follows her around. even stowing away in her shuttlepod.

but, the part of the movie I am concerned with is about an entertainment complex on the moon that's just opening. several teens, including zenon, are involved in a competition that's intended to promote the place.

unbeknownst to them, the owner of "moonstock" is planning on building an entire settlement. he thinks this will allow him to claim the moon as his own since he's the first man on the moon that actually built himself a house and stayed.

zenon and the other competitors have all been having the same dream. this leads her to put on a spacesuit and travel to the site of neil armstrong's landing.

there she encounters the moon goddess selena. (there's also a popular singer named selena in the movie who's kind of being billed as the moon goddess.) I don't know what the goddess thinks about all of that.

selena tells zenon to take everyone and all their trash and go! selena doesn't want people living on her and is prepared to cause havoc to get rid of them. to prove her point, she's already been causing extreme weather and floating cows on earth.

of course, zenon manages to get everyone off the moon. plus, enough of their trash to satisfy selena who waves goodbye after she destroys the left-behind buildings.

so everyone returns to earth for a concert by the singer selena. and they seem pretty happy. I guess someone must have made it a rule to stay off the moon and dasha is given a puppy by her parents.

if I was one of the many "synch bloggers" on the internets I would be losing my mind right now because JUST TODAY I was reading claims that both neil armstrong and buzz aldrin have said we shouldn't go back to the moon; we should focus on mars. in fact, aldrin said the moon was "hostile to all life."

there is, among the many various conspiracy theories, one that we were told to STAY OFF the moon by someone not of this earth. I don't know too much about the details, but I so hope neil and buzz got to meet selena. she can be a little strict, but she's much better than those grays.

and of course, this makes me think of sailor moon and the ruined moon kingdom which was run by queen serenity. I know technically that would seem to be a "queendom", but there you go.

also, I have a bunny and there IS a bunny on the moon! hehe that was for the synch blogger. lol

adding this: the costumes used in the low budget movie are just precious. especially the ones on the many extras milling about in the background. in the future people will wear a lot of cheap clear plastic raincoats. stock up now!


Ricky Sprague said...

Geez that zenon show sounds trippy.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague... haha, yeah... it was pretty wacky, but kind of fun. :)

still, i've heard this "we have to stay off the moon" before, so it was wild to see a movie about it.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

2001: A Space Odyssey had elements of keep off the moon too. It was where they found the "testng" monolith that summoned the Jupiter/Saturn monolith.

Sadly, whole bunches of people think going back to the moon is a waste of money and time. Its waaaay better to start unnecessary wars, I suppose.

And at least 1/4 of all Americans are retarded and believe we never went to the moon at all.

I think its hilarious that in Zenon-world everyone is wearing plastic raincoats. In season 5 of Project Runway (I watch it with my girlfriend), the 1st guy who got eliminated did a "fashion" raincoat. It was a clear raincoat with yellow dish gloves. I guess he was just too fashion forward for Heidi Klum!

shampoo said...

allen tdg, I wonder how old the "stay off the moon" supposedly real stories are... I wonder if they came from 2001 or some other movie.

nasa isn't helping their case by losing the original footage and so on... I do think some things might have been refilmed.

also, I wonder if getting to the moon was ever truly pursued as a scientific goal... i'm wondering if it was just a way to get away with making really powerful rockets.

not that zenon goes into such territory...

jerry's work won't be all the project runway reject work you'll see echoed in these costumes. vincent's twiggy costume (judges, "those pockets look added") was also very "fashion forward". and remember bradley's cher outfit? he may have been onto something...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I have no idea who those other Project Runway folks are. I've seen them, because my girlfriend loves the show, but I don't recall them. She would. She loves fashion stuff (she's super girly, thank you God!).
I remember the dude from season 5 because he sucked so bad that I'm sure I could do better. I mean, a rain slicker and dish gloves=fashion? Even I know better than that, and my girlfriend all but dresses me (I'm hopeless, but very lucky).

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I also think that after find water on the moon we should definitely go back.
If you believe that the moon landing was faked, you should see the Mythbusters episode on it. They pretty conclusively proved that the "evidence" that it was faked is bullshit.
We went, but our beloved overlords don't see much reason in going back. Or maybe we went back and no one was told.
If there are hostile aliens on the moon, I will join their side as long as I get to kill American politicians. :)

shampoo said...

well, bradley made a silver outfit and there's a lot of silvery stuff. like his, it's a bit ill made. vincent just stuck some patch pockets onto a dress and that used a lot, although those may just be patches. the only outfits that seem thought out are the racing outfits... they may have used those for the poster.

real moon goddess selena shops at hot topic. singer selena wears typical pop star stuff... shiny dresses. she has an all-girl band and they all dress accordingly.

I think they refilmed some stuff because I think they lost the footage longer ago than they are letting us know... I mean, how embarrassing! but, what was originally shown on tv may have been real. i've seen the mythbusters episode.