Tuesday, January 5, 2010

woody johnson, casey's father

robert wood johnson iv, age 62, owns the new york jets. on the heels of a team victory, he learns about casey's death.

apparently, the johnson clan had hoped keeping their distance a bit might help casey ... a little "tough love." I don't know the truth of this apart from the fact casey was cut off from the trust fund.

I was wondering how the lapd magically knew how to go by casey's house and I just read her maid found her. I am not sure if she (or whoever) just called the police or if she called an ambulance.

someone called tila and told her casey wasn't dead, but she was in a coma. I don't know any other details about this. but, the lapd says casey had been dead for "several days".

casey's wealthy friends have expressed sympathy and some have promised to "watch over" ava. casey, as recently as 2006, was part of an elite social set.

her social status gradually fell after she accused her aunt of stealing a boyfriend (her aunt is twice her age, and even rich folks don't gossip about her). the aunt and the man involved denied casey's allegations.

then casey began to party more... then she started dating women, then she broke into her ex-girlfriend's place... and finally she began showing up on the red carpet with new fiancee tila.

I am having a problem with one key fact. casey was a SOCIALITE. since when do socialites skip new year's eve? and new year's day? what? if she'd been sick she'd have twittered incessently IF SHE COULD.

I know rich people go places for holidays. even cut off, casey should have been able to raise a goodly amount from her jewelry box alone. so, i'm a little confused by "pennilessness" i've read... even the most naive rich girls know diamonds translate into cash... not to mention whatever expensive knick knacks she may've owned.

something is really, really wrong here... it's like there were two casey johnsons because she was also well-known for her charity work with the juvenile diabetes association.

she was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8 and co-authored a book on managing the disease age age 14.

casey was a direct descendant of robert wood johnson, a co-founder of johnson & johnson whose stuff you probably buy on a regular basis. she was once known as "the band aid princess."

I still remember casey pointing out some of the brands j&j had just bought (things like aveeno maybe) displayed on her vanity along with some of their older brands and saying, "see? I represent!"


Allen the Duck Guy said...

The weirdness continues to stack up. I really feel for this girl.
I get this awful feeling she was murdered by her family to prevent her from going national as a famous dyke and embarrassing her aristocrtic family. These rich bastards will kill any one rather than let them besmirch the 'family name.'
I hope I'm wrong.

shampoo said...

there is something bad here. casey's photos don't bear out the "troubled" "crazy" "drug addled" young woman they're describing in the media. she obviously had some ISSUES, but she seemed normal enough in her photos.

the newsactors were speculating that casey wasn't using her insulin and her family says she has an insulin pump.

there's some story that her diabetes had gotten much worse, but if that's the case why would her family be doing the tough love thing?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Tough love... lol.
That is just a lazy way of sayoing don't give a shit anymore.

shampoo said...

don't I know it...

no one ever expected casey to work and earn money. that's the motivation (supposedly) behind lots of "tough love."

it's being said that they were trying to "force her to hit rock bottom." well, she hit it.