Monday, January 4, 2010

someone else who needs to be in jail

move over in the jail cell joe jackson (not ricky sprague' favorite singer, mj's dad) and make room for michael lohan.

mlo's gf has a whole list of times he kicked her around. and generally treated her the way he treats people.

I don't think stupidity is any reason to hit someone. but, why would anyone think mlo was a viable person to date?

he once slammed on the brakes, jerked lindsay out of the car and threw her against the hood while yelling she was a whore she because she wanted to go to a party thrown by diddy or someone.

o.k., maybe she shouldn't have gone as she was way underage, but surely there was a less violent way to tell her little girls can't go to parties with grown people? i'm pretty sure it was diddy's party and his parties are famous, so anyone would want to go. due to her age, she was probably only invited as a courtesy (this was connected to some awards show) anyway.

when asked about this incident, mlo felt it was totally reasonable. after all, lindsay's just a human being.

then there's his criminal record including getting arrested for hitting a relative with a shoe. and lindsay's pitiful "daughter to father" song... good grief...

ladies, unless you can beat him down when he starts up with you... and you don't mind the fact he's ... awful... let this fabulous catch go on by.


A.Jaye said...

You get arrested for hitting a relative with a shoe over there in America?

Over here that's called good parenting.

shampoo said...

the person he hit was his brother-in-law or some such. and it wasn't just a mere shoe hitting, it was a full-on shoe attack. the other guy called the cops and pressed charges, so...

however, it's not very difficult to get arrested here.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

It IS hard for rich folks to get arrested here. Or rather, for them to stay arrested.
For the poor, we are here like we are everywhere- huddled rotten masses receiving all we know from Big Brother and living at his discretion.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, so true. of course, mlo is an ex-con, so... (though a think he was in one of those white collar prisons)