Wednesday, January 27, 2010

simon monjack sues warner for (indirectly) killing brittany

brittany murphy's grieving husband has come to the conclusion that warner firing brittany from happy feet 2 killed her.

he says they based their decisions on rumors and this really hurt brittany which stressed her out which caused her heart condition to kill her.

the official report on what killed brittany has not been released. so, the timing seems a bit strange. surely, he's not going to take this all the way to court? (this could have contributed to her death, but can it be proven?)

simon also says the prescription medication (that was in the house, not in brittany) all belonged to him. a lot of people speculate she o.d.'d, but people always think that.

we'll know soon enough whether brittany had any drugs in her bloodstream. since she wasn't able to digest the food she ate the night before, I am not sure if she would've been able to digest pills either. so, it kind of looks like she didn't overdose.

although, she ought to have taken some medicine for her medical conditions including an infection that had given her laringitis.

this is sad... I think he's just really upset. a lot of weird things have been said and that must be so hard on her family.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

This sounds like crazy with grief lashing out.

shampoo said...


also, he's been blamed himself... even some people who don't think he killed her think he was using (and abusing) her. that, plus people describing her as being half out of her head have to be hard to hear.

he keeps saying brittany wasn't crazy or on drugs or anorexic or "controlled." one thing in his favor is a lot of people have commented on brittany's personality which doesn't sound like a person who is crazy or drugged up, etc.

my theory is a combination of factors are involved in brittany's death. she sounds like she was pretty run down from work and being sick right before she died. plus, there's her heart condition and diabetes.

maybe the official report will clear things up... I wonder why on earth it takes so long to get results.