Tuesday, January 5, 2010

preliminary findings, casey johnson

first, casey's apartment only contained "an insignificant amount" of prescription drugs. I don't know what drugs, but as she was diabetic, she would've definitely had insulin. they did say they found "insulin syringes" in her house, but I don't know if they mean ones she'd used or ones she'd made up or just the syringes themselves.

everyone has been saying casey was on all kinds of drugs. but, she must be the first addict ever not to have any around. and they couldn't all have been in her because the coroner would've seen some sign of it.

the coroner doesn't think she's a suicide and there are no obvious signs of homicide. her body and organs were in good condition (meaning no sign of a disease or trauma that could've killed her).

casey's last hours interacting with the world were before 1:30 a.m. on 12-29-09. she told her facebook friends to have sweet dreams. from all reports, she seemed positive over the days and hours before she stopped posting.

as far as the state of things according to some articles (no electricity, etc.) even if casey had no idea how to transfer good into cash (and she maybe didn't, she'd always been so rich) tila would've been able to instruct her (which, tila's not poor... compared to the johnsons, yes, but otherwise...). so, did she? was casey's situation in late december as bad as it supposedly was in early december? or had she come up with some sort of plan?

earlier in 2009, casey had been in cedars-sinai hospital due to her diabetes. I believe she had to go twice, the most recent time in the summer. was this why things became so difficult for her? when diabetes goes out of whack it causes it to be difficult to think, and a person could become irritable or unreasonable. sometimes it takes a little while to even back out.

it will take some weeks before the coroner has toxicology results, etc. so, like with brittany murphy, we will have to just wait. unlike brittany, there were no reports of casey being sick. not even from tila who saw her late on 12-28-09.

hours later, casey signed off the internet and... then days later she's found dead. what happened to her?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I smell a $$$ sized rat.

shampoo said...

yeah... i've been smelling that, too.

tila gave an interview everyone's complaining about. she says casey was "the sweetest, cutest, most sensitive" girlfriend.

those sound like compliments?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Why do people hate Tila so much? I always thought she was kinda funny in a goofy sorta way.

shampoo said...

I really don't know... I am not sure if there's some info i'm missing or if people are just being unreasonable.

it looks like casey lived at tila's. I saw photos of bijou, tila, and nicky moving out casey's stuff. casey had literally racks of clothes over there.

tila looked really sad. well, they all did. it's pitiful.