Friday, January 29, 2010

the fabulous ruins of detroit

mostly, I try to mind my business at least a little. but, detroit is planning to get rid of some of its opulent ruins (as well as some places that AREN'T RUINS... they're actual normal residences) to build farms.

wait just one second... this city that has let go to ruin more than most cities ever dream of having, has redefined the concept of urban sprawl, and has suffered boom and bust has decided to go into FARMING?

why? have they not noticed there are plenty of other places to farm? as in BETTER places to farm yet those farms still fail?

it can't be for jobs because ever since whitney invented the cotton gin farming jobs have been on the decline. also, probably during the greatest period of "farm employment" most of the "employees" were less than happy about their position... because they were either slaves or "indentured servants" (also slaves).

they say some of the houses they want to tear down will cause a lot of "unhappiness" because the families have owned them "two or three generations." now, I don't know if these houses are nice or not, but isn't there a better way to "help" these people?

(sigh) and seriously. does ANYONE want food grown in detroit? sorry, but yuck. their greatest boom period was during the "just pour it out" phase of industrial waste disposal. i'm just saying...


Ricky Sprague said...

There is a reason why there are so few farmers around anymore. It is hard, dangerous work. My father spent part of his childhood on a farm and let me tell you he was happy to get to the city.

On a farm, there's always something shitting, or oozing, or kicking, or biting you. You must awaken at four am to do terrible things.

This is a sign of desperation on Detroit's part.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I'd wager that they're hoping for some of the government subsidaries often associated with farming.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, I hear you... my grandfather was a farmer. he died right after I was born, so I never saw the farm. but none of his children went into farming. in fact, they did just about everything else they could think of doing... heavy construction, for example.

I do think this is a desperation move and they may be planning on using the food for their own people.

allen tdg, possibly you're right. but after the many republicans that have been in office (til last year) do subsidies exist for those not in banking? (i honestly don't know) but there could be an environmental credit...