Saturday, January 16, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt6)

jeanne is conflicted. she runs from tom. he catches her in the subway (so, more train). one passes by as they smack at each other. tom manages to restrain jeanne and he says he loves her. he wants to marry her.

meanwhile, paul is taken to the room rosa's mother has fixed up for rosa to lay in state. rosa, dressed in white, lays on a lavish bed of purple flowers (the same kind jeanne wore on her hat at the beginning of the movie). the flowers are very fragrant, paul says he can barely breathe.

paul looks at rosa and says she's her mother's creation. she is wearing heavy makeup and false eyelashes (the room is dimly lit, btw). this was not how rosa normally presented herself and paul hates it.

he tells rosa she lied and she knew it. this makes her such a low person, he calls her a "pig fucker." he rails against rosa for a while and catches himself...

he apologizes to her. he uses a flower petal to wipe away her garish lipstick and takes off her false eyelashes.

he tells rosa he loves her. crying he begs her forgiveness....

then there's knock at the door... paul is needed for a guest at the hotel. he meekly goes to see what's the matter.

it's a prostitute who gets rather pissy. she wants to see paul's boss. somewhere along the line, her john gets cold feet and takes off. she insists paul go after him. she says she is rosa's friend.

paul chases the man through the steet. when he catches him, he roughes him up. the man calls paul "insane."

he tells paul his wife has a gross skin condition and he doesn't find her attractive. paul calls him a "faggot."

(btw, the monlogue by rosa's bedside is considered the best ever filmed, it's on youtube)

to be continued...

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