Thursday, March 24, 2011

drinking and drowning? the concealed crime...

i know the title of this post sounds emo as the blackest of guyliner, but it has to do with some reading i have been doing lately.

apparently, there are a lot of young men who go missing. some have been drinking. some are later found drowned. while i admit drunks and water dont mix, it is baffling how some of these young men ever found themselves in the position to drown. even very, very drunk people arent going to want to swim in rivers in big cities. and it is not that simple to get into the water. if it was, every weekend would see several people bobbing gently in the dirty water. it would be necessary to station someone to stand alongside the river with a fishing people out pole.

so, what is the deal with these half assed explanations. especially since not just a few of these fellows took their entire automobile in with them. it just isnt supposed to be so common. i suppose the moral of this story is if you like to drink at a bar and several young men have somehow found themselves drowned on the way home, find another place to drink.

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