Sunday, November 29, 2009

kids & christmas

I just saw some poor guy on tv who'd lost his job. he has, among other responsibilities, a disabled child. that is really rough. I know many people are in similar positions and I really wish them well with getting a new job and being able to continue helping their families. of course, he was also concerned about what to do for christmas.

I will share a little secret I remember from my childhood... kids will ask for EVERYTHING because they have no clue how much stuff costs. however, most kids don't expect to get most of that stuff. they just want to get something off ther 30 page list. maybe 3-4 somethings, but certainly not everything (unless you have spoiled them to an insane degree or unless you are so rich you really can buy anything they want).

if you get the paper, save the colored funny pages (or get someone to do this for you). this makes great gift wrap, especially for kid's stuff. look at your junk mail, those cards that fall out of magazines... anything... cut out cute images and use these to make decorations for packages. sometimes you can get free gift tags here and there, but if you don't, use plain paper and these decorative objects to make your own. doing this allows you to cheaply wrap more packages. and that, in turn, makes it economically feasible to wrap you kid's presents in ways that make it look like the most packages. kids LOVE to unwrap stuff. so, wrap up as many as you can, even stocking stuffers, in this cost effective manner.

if you make cookies right before christmas wrap these up! you can use one of your resealable bowls since, if it's your own kids, you'll get these back. if you're giving them as gifts, you can get little containers fairly cheaply.

if your child has a doll and you can sew, make some outfits. if the child doesn't sleep with the doll, you might dress her in the new outfit and put her under the tree (unwrapped) as a surprise from santa.

remember, your children love you. just do your best... try to think of fun activities to add to christmas fun. also, be on the lookout for bargains! :)

good luck and happy holidays. :)

last car payment!

I made my last car payment yesterday. it was just a partial payment, so it was actually the smallest payment i've ever made.

before daddy had his stroke, I had my car almost paid off... I am glad he was able to know that because he was really worried about my finances.

my family kind of thinks I have the financial skills of a particularly frivolous two-year-old. this isn't true, but I have been in bad situations financially before. and then other things happened that made things look worse.

once, when I was out of town, my father kept getting calls that made him think my car was like five payments behind. actually, that was totally wrong, but he found a very misleading bill (and tore off the part that showed that i'd made three recent payments) and showed that to my sister. she called and chewed me out before it occurred to her that, duh, most of what they sent was missing (i have no idea why my father tore off what he did... I don't think he realized he threw out the most important part) so who could tell anything. but my sister had him convinced he could lose his house. yeah, our house is worth $3000 (eyeroll) which is what my car payoff was at that time. oh, and p.s. ONLY my name was on the loan and my name wasn't on his house, so... worse case scenario: they'd take the CAR.

also, I was getting some telemarketer calls mixed in... I didn't owe those people a cent, but it added to the confusion. it kind of pissed me off about my car loan people because there was no reason for them to harrass him like that.

then there was some credit card telemarketing going on and, as I told him over and over, it wasn't even saying anyone owed them money. it was trying to get us to apply for their card. but since I didn't even have a credit card, it was pretty impossible for me to owe them money.

I got something that looked like a credit card in the mail once (i don't remember if it was just an ad or something else) and he solemnly gave it to me saying, "please be careful with this." that scared me for a moment until I actually looked at it and saw it was nothing.

but, long story short, my car title should be getting here soon and i'm glad my father knew how close I was to paying it off...

I am going to have some more bills coming my way now, but that's life.


well, courtney love has taken to her poor abused computer (pda, netbook, what have you) to let us know britney spears is a sex slave to her molestor father and courtney's not gonna stand for it! she's not too clear on how she's going to stop it, but whatever.

sometimes I think courtney gets britney confused with herself. because her britney posts come out of left field like the "strapped to a gurney" rant. just all of a sudden (it seems to me, but then I do not EVER go to any of her pages), she's gotta talk about britbrt.

people are all taking this seriously. well, it could be true. courtney actually is not stupid. but she does lie A LOT.

I don't know if she even knows britney. for some reason, I just can't see those two hanging out even if they do have some similar interests.

meanwhile, the unfortunate dj qualls apparently hooked up with courtney. people, leave her alone. good grief. but then again, i'm sure he was no match for her feminine wiles. although I am a bit surprised she chose him, but it was thanksgiving. most people were too busy eating.

just to terrify myself further, I looked up courtney on who's date who (i know it should be "whom"). here's who they list (note, apologies to any guys who do not belong on this list):

fred durst (er... courtney?), he's a leo!
ian wagner
jeff buckley, a scorpio!
russell brand, gemini
ted nugent (in 1976?! wtf? courtney was 12 then!), sagittarius
james moreland (first husband, a musician, who is now scared of her. took out an ad to try to warn kurt about her)
billy corgan (her especial pet), pisces
kurt cobain (second husband), pisces
edward norton, leo
scott weiland, scorpio
trent reznor, taurus
jim barber
howard stern (the dj, not that dude who married anna nicole), capricorn
julien casablancas, leo
steve coogan, libra
jamie burke

that's the website list... I don't know the significance of everyone's signs. cl is a cancer BTW.

I know this is not everyone. in fact, some of these guys... o.k., I am hoping the ted nugent thing is wrong, but probably not. what a perv. I have seen a picture of cl when she was around that age, she did not look like a grown woman.

i've heard evan dando got to spend some time with cl and her special teddy bear (sick!).

I have no idea why i'm talking about this... oh yeah, of course she knows stuff, but you can never trust her. never.

negative me

my sister was here yesterday and things were much better.

my brother was around thanksgiving and the day after and got all pissy and told me "there's a lot of negative noise coming off of you."

no one else was at all upset about anything I was saying. I was talking about buying a cd (investment vehicle). and I wanted other people's opinions.

not half listening this pissed him off and he decided I was ungrateful and stomped out. he couldn't even stay for dinner which was about 30 seconds from being served.

the day before that, I got lectured on praying my pain away and if i'd just believe in the LORD all would be perfect. this is basically saying to me my parents weren't good enough to live or I didn't pray for them hard enough and I am not wanting to hear that.

be a little grateful. break my heart.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

political thanksgiving

I just heard a woman giving thanksgiving tips. it involved place cards. how many people use place cards for their family thanksgiving? wth?

she advised separating people based on political views because what if someone wanted to discuss abortion. hello, I don't want to hear about any medical procedures during a meal. at that point, someone should just smack the person on the back of the head. I mean, gross. let's talk about gangrene! let's talk about colon cancer! wtf?

life sucks

my sister and brother were here today. I have two sisters and one brother. I am way younger than them. we aren't even of the same generation. they are baby boomers and I AM NOT.

my sisters cannot fucking enter a house I live in or see me without fucking insulting me. I am so sick of it. I have bit my tongue all these years because of so many reasons. they don't even fucking have a clue. they don't get how much I have tried to be nice. all I fucking want is for my own goddam family not to hate me and insult me and yell at me and make me feel like if I would just kill my loser ass self thee whole goddam world would be better.

they say they love me, but then they do this shit. I try so hard to be nice and it blows up in my face and then it gets to be my fault and it's all hedgehog dilemma because I do get bitchy and defensive.

to be fair, sometimes they do nice things but never, never, never can it just be that. never can I feel like I deserve anyone to give a fucking shit about me. it's always got some guilt attached.

we had to go through some of daddy's stuff. so as if that wasn't fucking bad enough.

then my sister is all "call (other sister) and tell her how mean I am and it will all be o.k." now they talk to each other EVERY FUCKING DAY and I know for a fact I am a huge subject of discussion. I talk to them about every two weeks. I am getting chewed out about half the timen but yes, they run back and forth and tattle even when I BARELY say anything.

I fucking hate this. I hate it.

I had a dream after I was finally left in peace where my sister was being a total bitch and I was trying to find something she would like and I was breaking things and crying trying to do this (this is a dream not real life). then she called me crazy and I don't remember except I started crying that I wanted to die and daddy was tell me "no! you can't do that" (i guess I was going to kill myself in the dream, I don't remember having anything that could do that, but it's a dream, so who knows).

then my other sister made us all go to the fucking bank without the key to the safety deposit box. no one would fucking listen to me that we needed it and my other sister took both keys (the bank wouldn't let me into it if I had 12 keys anyway). OF COURSE, the teller told them the same thing.

oh, but that was o.k. "now we know." if I had done that it would have been because I am crazy and because I "can't do the simplest things" and "can't manage money." doesn't every damn body know you need a fucking key to get into what daddy always called "the lock box."

there was a fucking thing about mortgages there and I joked about buying a house "with confidence." and I got a lecture like I really was going to suddenly out of goddam nowhere buy a fucking house. I mean wth? my sister was barging around the bank and my brother said "patience is a virtue" so I said "you can buy a home with confidence" (and pointed at the sign). wth? it's just a fucking joke. one of the goddam sample house payments is $1000/month. I KNOW I don't have that. years ago, when I had a good job, I considered buying a condo (i lived in a city then) and I couldn't even really afford that THEN. I haven't seriously considered buying property since. unless they mean THIS house which, yeah, it'd be great to own it, I guess. and, in theory, I only have to buy 3/4ths on it because I am part owner... but...

I don't feel like it's mine. I haven't since I was a little bitty girl and lived here with just mama and daddy. but I didn't know any better back then.

the other day, my sister (not the one who was here today) wanted to throw away a PIECE OF PAPER and I didn't want her to (it was something of daddy's) and she actually yelled at me "it's MY HOUSE TOO!!" wth? wth? it's not 12 goddam pink flamingos on the year it's a PIECE OF PAPER!!! AND I AM THE ONLY ONE LIVING HERE AND SEEING IT.

then she went thru the desk and threw out "junk mail" (her bitchy ass opinion) one item was the current schwan's book so I don't know wth else went out the door on her whim. it's long gone now.

I have finally hid one item that belonged to me that she picked up and pawed through every time she came here. I had put one thing in my father's room and my sister said "gross, what's THAT?" it was just some lip balm. but I said that because, for some reason, they think i've moved a million things into daddy's room. why would I do that? i'm not retarded. I know we have to go through everything.

she seemed to sort of randomly getting rid of stuff, so who knows what else is gone. it's too late now.

she grabbed some socks and was bitching they were "all balled up" well, they didn't used to be, but every time someone comes here they claw through daddy's stuff and I got sick of fixing it afterward. especially after daddy died. some of the socks were old and worn, but there were also new ones mixed in. they were all just either navy or black because duh, they belong to a man.

anyway, I guess if you have kids unless all you have is stuff easily divisible (like money) or you just have one kid.... don't do the whole "divide everything between my children" will. it stinks because there's only one way to divide somethings.

and we get along to a degree because it's not like my father was extrmely rich, so... but I think they found out from the insurance company that it's cheaper to insure and occupied house than an empty one, so for now I have a place to live. maybe for longer. I really don't know. daddy wanted me to be able to live here as long as I needed to, but... it's not like he's here to yell at all of us to behave ourselves.

sorry about this... but I haven't given any family members my url and they don't know I am shampoo.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kurt cobain & Mind Kontrolle

poor kurt. now people are thinking he was a slave to the agency. I am not one of those people... or at least, i'll say overall no though there seems to be a time period (during his relationship with the horrid skank courtney love) where... possibly, to an extent. but if that's true, it appears he broke free of it before he was murdered.

oh yeah... he was murdered. check for details. has also done a few articles as well. the shampoo listed there is me. I was answering some questions raised the person who wrote one of their articles had. they decided to post it as an article.

there are many places online with information including tapes made by the private investigator courtney hired to (supposedly) find kurt. but not really, of course. because, boy, would kurt have been surprised to find out he was missing! he was living in his own house. I mean, wow, who'd think to look there? um, everybody did and skank kept sending them on wild goose chases.

I really don't know if courtney was working for anyone but herself. I think it is possible (based on things she and people who know her have said), but I don't know who (or what) it is or may have been.

mind control will be called "mk" to save me typing it out.

obviously, there is absolutely no way to know for sure if kurt was mk'd. even if every member of (or formerly with) the agency swore he was not, we still wouldn't know.

IF his body still existed, it might be possible to determine if he was abused in certain ways (i don't know...), but he was cremated with an amazing, mind-boggling, suspicion-inducing quickness and the skank claims someone "stole" what was left of his ashes (sigh, poor kurt, I hope whoever it was respectfully BURIED them).

mk is from a cia project called mkultra. it is a real thing that was brought before congress in the late 70s. a lot of people say the project continued either by a different agency or just under a different name (i don't know).

another important cia project to mkultra is project paperclip (which the cia admitted the true nature of in the early 90s). formerly, they'd just claimed to get nazi rocket scientists. now we know they got other types of scientists as well as high-ranking members of the nazi intelligence network (for their information on the u.s.s.r. supposedly). we weren't the only ones at nazi career day, so i'll give you a moment... yeah, it sucks.

all of this is not secret. the cia has admitted to various things over the years... sometimes because they didn't have any reason to continue keeping it secret, sometimes because they got caught... lots of reasons I don't know about.

if you want to know some of their past projects, they have a website. the goal of the site is to present the agency in a good light, but still. it'll give you some background.

various conspiracy sites have taken the mkultra thing and run with it. whole lists of celebrities are mk'd and all sorts of organizations have joined the party.

I don't know how (or if) this works in reality, but basically people are mk'd via various tortures... electroshock, physical pain, rape, food deprivation, water deprivation, sensory deprivation, isolation, systemic use of drug-induced states, etc. this causes the person to "disassociate" to the point they will form disassociative identity disorder (once called multiple personality disorder) which is a psychosis.

the trick in mk (allegedly) is they drive them crazy in such a specific way that they can then be "programmed" with various functions. some of these only come out when specifically called up by a "handler."

now, it may be possible to do this with some folks, but I would guess a lot of people will just go plain old ordinary crazy (and again, I mean psychotic, as in someone who will find if difficult to impossible to function in society.. being homeless and eating handouts might be too challenging for them). but I really don't know.

what I DO know is brainwashing (as it used to be called) is possible, but it requires unlimited access to a person while greatly restricting their access to people who aren't part of your agenda. some people are more susceptible than others, although drug use can make a person (temporarily) more malleable. but, this doesn't lead to anything as complicated as what people are talking about with mkultra. it will provide you with a person who willingly becomes one of the group and will take orders from the leader. of course, people talking about mk are usually talking about people whose "training" began in very early childhood (although, some adults are mk'd just through drugs, electroshock, etc.), so it's easy to imagine that systematically working with someone from age 2 would lead to more extreme results. but could that person function in society?

kurt has talked about a time after he got married to the skank (i think he actually called her "courtney") when he basically sat around the house using heroin. then, surprisingly (sarcasm), he got tired of this lifeplan and started to cut back on the narcotics and ... by what many people have said courtney encouraged kurt to use heroin as a way to make him more dependent on her. I don't think she actually introduced him to heroin. she certainly did not introduce him to narcotics.

he had used morphine before (he had a prescription) due to extreme stomach pain. his stomach pain was different from most people's and he really did need some heavy duty pain medication to be able to eat, etc.

I used to believe that perhaps this relentless pain caused him to commit suicide, but then I saw an interview where he talks about FINALLY being diagnosed and prescribed medication (a narcotic).

courtney made sure this medication along with all of kurt's guns were confiscated by police. so, is it any wonder that kurt had a bad attitude about the "intervention" where they threatened to fire him from the label because he was using heroin. courtney knew that without his prescription, kurt would start using heroin again.

wait, what about mk? exactly. he sounds a little ornery for someone who is only acting as per his programmer's orders, doesn't he? there are many witnesses to all of this.

the kurt was mk'd people don't really know much about kurt or his music. they say he was used to create "grunge" and encourage apathy. first, kurt did not come up with the name "grunge." second, listen to nirvana, then listen to some other bands from the same time period, exactly. third, the crap (e.g. poison) that was already popular (holding over from the late 80s) encouraged apathy as well as just plain not thinking.

then we have kurt's death versus michael jackson's death. kurt was reviled, character assassinated, and turned into another person as soon as he couldn't speak for himself. in life, he was not a danger to children or anyone else. michael jackson raped countless little boys. yet, we have tribute upon tribute to michael.

after kurt died, nirvana was over. there have been a couple of things released since then, but no one who was IN nirvana tried to capitalize off of it. a good thing because nirvana got dragged down with kurt's character assassination.
michael's whole family has something planned to use him to advanced their own careers. although possibly not his sisters... if kurt got character assassinated, michael got the opposite and has become an hero.

so, if kurt was mk'd I think it was after he got famous and their goal was to get him to just sit around doing nothing until the public lost interest in him.

because it wasn't kurt's music that made people apathetic. it was the awful way he was treated after he died. they may as well have come on tv and said, "look who's finally dead. well, fuck him and fuck you, too." I honestly have never seen anything like it before or since.

I listened to alternative music years before nirvana, but I really loved them. I thought kurt was funny and sarcastic. his interviews were always interesting and sometimes really funny. I still miss him. he would call people out on their ridiculousness and make fun of himself for his own. it was great.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

shocking pop (snicker)

they are still going on about the adam lambert "controversy." I have two words: dress rehearsal.

I didn't watch the amas because award shows suck. I have seen a snippet from adam's performance. what I see is a LOT of people on stage who would all be falling over each other if they hadn't rehearsed.

so, the tv people knew what adam would do. if they actually had any problem with it, they had a chance to make him change it. since this only occupies a few seconds of his performance, he easily could have made the changes and kept his overall performance.

this got on tv because it was supposed to... granted, with a larger audience everyone may have performed with more enthusiasm, it would still be basically the same thing.

what I saw wasn't very entertaining. it seemed rushed. bleat a few words, pose, bleat, do controversial thing, bleat, pose, controversial thing, etc. the kissing (a "man") was the best part because that means it's over and my ears and eyes are glad.

now, they've dragged lady gaga into it... she gets away with it. blah, blah. who cares? why are people even listening to this crap?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

shaniya davis, her mom & mario macneill

10-03-09 bradley lockhart left for a job in portland, oregon. he frequently spent time out of town due to his work as a building contractor. in fact, he did not return to fayetteville until shaniya went missing.

about a month before bradley left town, antoinette started calling him and telling him that she'd changed. she had a job, she wasn't using drugs, she wanted to be a mom to shaniya. these fairytales sounded convincing enough over long distance that a week after bradley leaving town, she'd gotten her hands on shaniya.

not only were drugs being done at 1116A sleepy hollow drive, they'd even been sold there. frequent visitor (and boyfriend to brenda davis) mario andrette macneill was a drug dealer.

antoinette and brenda both needed money. antoinette owed mario a drug debt (or so he says) and brenda owed back rent. this isn't an accusation against brenda, but simply to show that antoinette's situation was not the way she'd described it.

antoinette's boyfriend was 30-year-old clarence coe. interestingly, he says he did not really know macneill. does this mean that macneill avoided coe?

coe claims that shaniya called him, "daddy." I don't know that much about coe, so I don't know if he should be believed or not. he also said that he'd never seen shaniya sleeping in the living room. he added, "educated people, figure it out."

the baby antoinette is carrying belongs to coe. he did not live with her.

mario macneill (d.o.b. 4/30/1980) was born under a full moon. the websleuths astrologers say, "self gratification is his all." maybe that was why he was smirking in his mugshot. he knew people all over the world would see it.

the car that the police took 11 bags of evidence from is mario's mitsubishi galant. he owns a total of five cars. he let brenda and antoinette use at least one of these vehicles.

given what macneill did in june 2001, it's surprising he was not in prison. he shot someone in the face, shoulder, and arm. two other people were injured in this shooting. macneill was released from custody to await his trial. about a year later, he's arrested for drug posession. he goes on trial for the triple shooting and the drugs and is given 40-50 months on probation.

it only takes him a couple of months to be arrested again for drug possession. after this, he is sent to prison in october 2003. he's released in may 2006.

he is due to appear in court on 12-02-09. he is currently being held without bond. perhaps macneill will finally be locked away from law-abiding citizens.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

shaniya davis, funeral sunday

shaniya davis's funeral will be sunday 11-22-09 at 3 p.m. services will be at manna church located at 5117 cliffdale road in fayetteville, nc 28314. the family is allowing the public to pay their respects.

a memorial fund has been set up at wachovia bank under the name shaniya nicole davis. the bank is located at 4200 morganton rd. in fayetteville, nc 28314. the phone # is (910) 868-0837.

rest in peace, shaniya.

shaniya davis & the coleman family

11 years ago bradley lockhart's wife of 7 years, vickie sue coleman lockhart, was murdered. they had 3 children byron III (now 20-21... i've heard both ages... named for his grandfather), cheyenne (now 17), and chivas (now 13). these children have been raised by the colemans.

when mr. coleman heard about shaniya being sent to antoinette's, he offered to take her in permanently. he didn't want her around "the drug people." the colemans are a black family, so he would not have been holding antoinette's race against her.

when shaniya went missing, her grandfather and her 13-year-old half-brother searched for her. the colemans lost two daughters to murder.
when 28-year-old vickie sue was murdered on 3-3-98 her sister channel coleman (age 19) was with her. vickie sue, channel, and 24-year-old david lee epps were all bound, gagged and shot with a shot gun. two other victims thorsten malin and tyrone parker (both 21) survived the home invasion robbery that took place in the graham road duplex at 1 a.m.

vincent lee thomas and litdel burkhalter were convicted of this attack. both are in prison.

Friday, November 20, 2009

shaniya nicole davis, a princess

on 11-10-09, the world became aware of beautiful five-year-old shaniya davis when police in fayetteville, north carolina issued an amber alert. at 6:53 a.m. her mother, antoinette nicole davis, reported her missing saying she wandered off from 1116A sleepy hollow drive. she claims she last saw shaniya at 5:30 a.m. when she put shaniya on the couch. she says shaniya was wearing a blue sleep shirt and pink panties. shaniya is 3 feet (91 cm) tall and weighs 40 lbs. (18 kg). she has curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a scar on her left foot. she is mixed race. her mother is black and her father is white. she's a very pretty little girl with a light-up-the room smile.

police will later find that shaniya had only lived at this address since 10-10-09 even though her mother has lived there 6 months. a lunar month and a day later, shaniya is gone. and not back to her aunt carey lockhart-davis (a different davis) or her father bradley lockhart or any of her other caretakers in the upper middle class community she usually called home.
her father had her aunt take her to antoinette's "for the weekend." when carey tries to take shaniya back home, her mother won't let her go. the aunt doesn't have custody and bradley lockhart is away. he's a building contractor, then working in oregon (though he lives in fayetteville, n.c.). friends (the allens) visit shaniya and see cigarette burns on her arms. she says, "mommy's friends did it." I don't know if anyone passed this information to her father, but shockingly, no one calls the police. possibly they fear she'll just be placed in foster care? I don't know...

using dogs, the police quickly determined that shaniya did not walk out of the mobile home at 1116A sleepy hollow drive. yet 30-40 volunteers searched the area using dogs, helicopters, searching neighbors' cars and going door to door. the police find feces on the front porch railing.

next door, ms. moore tells them that she heard noises from antoinette's trailer at 3 a.m. she also saw someone put something in her trashcan. she identifies the feces-cover blanket the officers find as belonging to shaniya.

she may have been one of the people who let police know that antoinette's boyfriend clarence coe took care of shaniya more than her mother. antoinette accuses coe who is arrested 11-11-09 aand released 11-13-09. he has an alibi. he was babysitting his nephew somewhere else. witnesses confirm this.

antoinette has a 7 year old son. when police were called for shaniya, this son was taken from her. there had been child abuse complaints against before and the police see the trailer is, as the landlady says, "a pigsty." it is roped off as a crime scene.

brenda davis, antoinette's sister, also lived in the trailer with her 2-year-old child. she has since been evicted (11-19-09) for not paying rent. she and her mother, ann summers, are the only ones who say antoinette loved shaniya. brenda has a boyfriend, mario andrette macneill.

the amber alert turns up a video surveillance photo of mario carrying shaniya. it was taken at the elevator of comfort suites in sanford, n.c. at 6:11 a.m. on 11-10-09. this is 42 minutes before antoinette calls 911. shaniya appears to be wearing a dress. mario is also carrying something with black and white checks. at 7:30 a.m., mario and shaniya leave the hotel. it's known she's still alive at this point, but it's suspected she is now in worse shape physically than at 6:11. at this time, the amber alert is only 37 minutes long. no one on the scene knows shaniya shouldn't be with mario. the police say they have a person of interest, a 60-year-old man in a blue toyota.

shaniya's body is found, clad only in a t-shirt, on 11-16-09. she is found 100 feet off walker road (33 yards?) across the street from carolina trace, a gated community. she is laying among some deer carcasses (in black plastic trash bags). this location is 6-7 miles from comfort suites. it's on the lee-harnett county line, but on the lee side (shaniya lived in cumberland county). interesting as shaniya's last name could easily have been lockhart. hart means deer. jeff riccio of tarheel canine training inc. found shaniya. he says, "it was nothing anyone wanted to see."

the media have assumed the deer have been left by hunters. I DOUBT it. first, this location is too close to the road and houses to safely hunt. second, I have NEVER heard of a hunter doing such a thing. EVERY hunter I know would take the deer out of the woods. even rich hunters usually aren't so wasteful. they will take the deer to the slaughterhouse to be properly cut up (they will have already field dressed the animal after killing it) and they donate the meat to charity. in my state, leaving a deer like that will get you arrested. also, there are strict bag limits on deer. even if a particularly horrible person goes hunting... why the garbage bags? that's just weird. deer are big animals and a lazy wasteful person would just leave them, not drag them somewhere in a garbage bag.

mario andrette macneill, age 29, turned himself in before shaniya was found. 11 bags of evidence has been taken from his car. on 11-19-09 he's charged with 1st degree murder and 1st degree rape of a child.

antoinette davis was arrested 11-14-09. in court on 11-15-09 her bond was set at $51,000. before shaniya was found, antoinette was charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse including prostitution. additional charges are expected.

grief counselors and chaplains have been called in to work with investigators. these men have 15 and 22 1/2 years in l.e. they've seen murder victims. this case is EXTREMELY bad. the investigation continues...

I have more to post on this. shaniya's photos make one think of a sweet little princess. some very horrible people defiled her. why?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

another wonderful life

well, folks, I have a dog, a cat, three cows, one bull, a horse, two ducks, and three chickens. we live on a happy little farm and i'm friends with the local sprites. of course, I am talking about harvest moon for gamecube! yay!

I found out about the coolest cheat. you plug your controller into the 3rd slot and press the z button numerous times. if you have a game cube. you have to be in the regular game, not paused or conversating (fox) and you get maaany cool items. BE SURE AND PUT THINGS YOU WANT TO KEEP ON THE SHELF OR IN THE COOLER as this cheat overwrites your inventory. and try to refrain from making yourself the richest farmer EVAH because after a while the game decides you have no gold and I don't know if you can change its mind. but i'm soldiering on in my "I like bears" outfit and pink shoes.

it's too bad you can't get people to pay you for picking flowers irl. well, hey, some people probably do get paid for that, but they are near more interesting flowers than me.

irl meanwhile, I have to clean this house and deal with my siblings. this is not as fun as feeding imaginary cows, I can tell you. although, real bunnies are the best critters ever! yay, bunnies.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I am so missing my kickass satellite package daddy had us signed up on... even though MOST of the time he controlled the remote and he had a fondness for news, old-fashioned gospel music, westerns of all eras, and "hanna montana."

well, if they still made sitcoms, maybe he wouldn't have started watching the disney channel. and that is 100 percent my fault.

my nephew and niece-in-law arrived and they have three little girls. well, daddy was watching the news and it was discussing something that involved many people dying (this war we're in probably). so, panicked, I turned it on "hanna montana."

and, I have to say, if a person doesn't like reality shows or game shows... well, there is at least a story to it. also, his hearing wasn't that great any more so miley's singing didn't bother him. I heard one of her songs the other day and, I swear, I thought it was billy ray. seriously.

she sounds just like him. supposedly, she's not his biological daughter, but I don't know about that.

(sigh) I miss my father.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

tommygirl, tommygirl, tommygirl

well, tom cruise is working on finding a sexy movie for himself and katiebot to co-star. why would he do this?

granted "days of thunder" (which I have not seen, but people say...) and "far and away" were fairy successful forays with nicole kidman. but then there was "eyes wide shut". this was a good movie, don't get me wrong. but i'm not sure it really fulfilled tommygirl's agenda.

so, proving he's a movie-picking genius, he is thinking about remaking "last tango in paris" with katie. what?

first, this is not a movie that needs remaking. there's just no reason for it.

some people think it's dated, but those same people would want real sex (i'm getting this from articles they've written). are tomkat sure they want to go there?

well, I suppose they could do the movie all in english instead of a mix of french and english (the french is subtitled in english). I suppose that would be different.

but, does tommygirl realize there's a difference between a movie with a lot of sex in it and a sexy movie?

basically, i'm finding out a lot of odd things as I prepare my "last tango in paris" post. haha

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kstew n rpatt: brando fans?!

well, "brando" is misleading. actually, their favorite movie is "last tango in paris". they (cough) "bonded" due to this. hehehehe

ok. I am working on a post about that very movie. I can tell you, marlon brando throws down hardcore with the acting. not that everyone notices that because his costar is mostly naked and there is a lot of sex.

oh yes, BACK ON TOPIC... wtf do kstew and rpatt learn from brando? it just boggles the mind. they can't be trying to learn how to act, can they?

all I can say is start with someone easier. I don't think marlon brando's style can really be learned. I think you kind of have to be him.

fortunately, I think they're just getting sex idea. or maybe they're learning french.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

atonement or not...

right after my previous post about the movie "atonement" I checked the internet to find out what I missed. perhaps seeing it in the movie wouldn't be such a let down as reading it, but here goes...

SPOILER WARNING! if, for some reason, you desire to see the movie "atonement" be advised: spoilers. also, I did check multiple sources, but I can't say of everything that I "sarw" it with my own eyes.

o.k., so here's the thing. there's no atonement in this movie. I haven't read the book so perhaps some atonement happens in it. if not, wtf? did someone just think this was a neat sounding word?

basically, there's a rich family. when the housekeeper's husband ran off, the rich folks educated her son. his name is robbie and he wants to be a doctor.

the rich people have a son (oldest), a chain-smoking college coed daughter (robbie's love interest), and a daughter who's 12 or so and fancies herself a writer.

they also have houseguests. a sleazy college buddy of the son. their three red-haired cousins have arrived to weather the scandal of their parents' divorce. so, two bratty boys and their catty 15-year-old sister.

so our snoopy writer first sees her sister and robbie out by the fountain. to her, it appears that robbie somehow made sis strip down to her slip and go into the fountain before she leaves. a very strange thing to do and, of course, not really what happened. the sister did all that on her own and was only annoyed that a vase got broken.

then robbie writes to apologize. he indulges hs lustful fantasies before scrawling out his apology and, naturally, he puts the wrong letter in the envelope. then he gets the snoop the deliver it. too late, he realizes what he gave her. his letter worked wonders on the sister who promptly sexes him up in the library.

alas, the older sister failed to do damage control about the letter and she also fails to lock the door. so, the snoop is figuring robbie is a sex maniac.

then, the bratty twins are found to have run away. the household turns out to shine flashlights into the darkness and yell the boys' names.

the snoop wandering about on her own comes across a shocking scene. some man doing someTHING to the girl cousin. the girl cousin claims she doesn't know who it was, but the snoop is positive it was robbie.

so police are summoned, the snoop swears out testimony, the older sister says not to believe her and takes a long smokebreak, then the snoop presents the LETTER as evidence. meanwhile, the the sleazy male houseguest takes a post rape snooze. no one finds his behavior odd.

when robbie shows up with the twins (having cleverly searched somewhere other than the front yard), he's immediately arrested and dragged off to jail.

years pass and england gets involved in the beginnings of world war ii. both sisters (separately) spend some time in the nursing program. but somehow for the snoop this is a bigger deal because she "gave up her place at cambridge to do something practical." (yes, no one else has ever given anything up because of a huge, massive war.)

and then nothing until after 20 best sellers, she writes about this incident. it's something like 1999. her sister and robbie both died during the war. by this time, practically everyone they ever knew has died. and miss snoop, with one foot in the grave, writes a book explaining to no one in particular that robbie was innocent all along. she even has found out that her cousin is marrying the sleazy rapist.

she made up the scene where she told the truth so robbie and her sister would have "the happy ending they never got." even though it meant he died with a rape conviction to his name and she died estranged for her family for what they did to robbie.

so, what is the point we're supposed to get anyway?

Friday, November 6, 2009

groceries in time

today I went to the doctor. then, I went to get my prescription filled and buy some groceries.

now, I used to work retail. I have some sympathy for some of the things retail employees must endure and I realize that sometimes things just take a while. after all, no one can run every minute. however, people ought to be able to move.

I have never seen anyone who wasn't badly injured or very old or both move as slowly as this woman at the pharmacy counter. she even paused in looking for my medicine in the wrong place to clean invisible dust off her shirt.

I didn't say anything because I knew better than to even start. plus, it took her fully two minutes to realize she was helping me now, not the woman behind me.

of course, I don't know what that crazy thing was doing back there. she came in and declared where people were checking out was the drop off. unfortunately, she didn't take her bothersome self over to where she thought the action was.

no, she decided to stand right on top of me and the credit card reader while she talked to someone in the car as well as her new bff miss slowpoke.

the people on the other pharmacy cash registers were just as slow. I don't know how it's possible to move at such an unnaturally slow pace.

the pharmacists were moving fairly quickly. so, I think some sort of time travel was occurring. whatever it was it extended over to regular checkout.

now, produce codes are something cashiers have to learn. it's much faster to know them than to try to figure them out. so, here I am trying to recall the codes because i'm not sure the cashier could look them up. I don't know if she was new or what, but it took forever and I got such unique items as an apple and two oranges (in separate bags). everything else I bought (about 25 more item) had a barcode on it.

anyway, I guess the point of this story is this store (kroger) better get on their agame with a quickness because they have officially become more of a pain in the butt than walmart.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

doorbells and the movie "atonement"

so, I am sitting through atonement which is just interesting enough to make me wonder what happened. after much annoying time manipulation, we come to the interview with the old bat where we learn a scene we just suffered through only happened in theory. actually something else took place and (doorbell).

yes, the doorbell rang and by the time I got back to the movie, the credits were rolling. I am not sitting through that thing again.

every character caught up in the central plot is thoroughly unlikeable. but still, I wonder, what happened? what did the old bat reveal? most likely that her atonement was only wishful thinking or something equally tedious.

hopefully the internets will reveal the answer. but, don't you just hate when that happens? and it's always the movie they're NOT replaying 75 times/day that gets interrupted.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

first holiday

halloween was the first holiday without my father. for us halloween was just handing out candy to the kids who came by trick or treating (i know some places don't do that any more, but kids here still do). granted, last year, daddy mostly just sat on the couch while I handled candy distribution, but still.

I did hand out candy last night. I had to knock off early because i'm sick, but I made it through most of the festivities. we didn't have as many kids as usual (we usually have A LOT).

i'm not sure if people have caught on this neighborhood isn't the candy haven it used to be or if some people skipped me on purpose because, well... people know my father's funeral was earlier this month.

there is one happy thing: my super cute black bunny is officially one year older! i'm not sure how old he is... 3 or 4. bunnies always seem young, they're so cute. happy birthday, precious boy. :)