Tuesday, November 10, 2009

kstew n rpatt: brando fans?!

well, "brando" is misleading. actually, their favorite movie is "last tango in paris". they (cough) "bonded" due to this. hehehehe

ok. I am working on a post about that very movie. I can tell you, marlon brando throws down hardcore with the acting. not that everyone notices that because his costar is mostly naked and there is a lot of sex.

oh yes, BACK ON TOPIC... wtf do kstew and rpatt learn from brando? it just boggles the mind. they can't be trying to learn how to act, can they?

all I can say is start with someone easier. I don't think marlon brando's style can really be learned. I think you kind of have to be him.

fortunately, I think they're just getting sex idea. or maybe they're learning french.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Perhaps Pattinson leanred how to wash the cooties off of Kristen?

shampoo said...

also how to plug a record player.

omg, wtf am I talking about? I forgot all about the DRINKING scene. you know every time kristen (hey guys) hears "I bought you a scotch, but you haven't drank your scotch." she kills it. then again at "drink it for daddy." then again at "I love you so i'll drink it." hehehe