Sunday, November 15, 2009

another wonderful life

well, folks, I have a dog, a cat, three cows, one bull, a horse, two ducks, and three chickens. we live on a happy little farm and i'm friends with the local sprites. of course, I am talking about harvest moon for gamecube! yay!

I found out about the coolest cheat. you plug your controller into the 3rd slot and press the z button numerous times. if you have a game cube. you have to be in the regular game, not paused or conversating (fox) and you get maaany cool items. BE SURE AND PUT THINGS YOU WANT TO KEEP ON THE SHELF OR IN THE COOLER as this cheat overwrites your inventory. and try to refrain from making yourself the richest farmer EVAH because after a while the game decides you have no gold and I don't know if you can change its mind. but i'm soldiering on in my "I like bears" outfit and pink shoes.

it's too bad you can't get people to pay you for picking flowers irl. well, hey, some people probably do get paid for that, but they are near more interesting flowers than me.

irl meanwhile, I have to clean this house and deal with my siblings. this is not as fun as feeding imaginary cows, I can tell you. although, real bunnies are the best critters ever! yay, bunnies.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I'm glad you like your video games. I have tons of video games and barely ever play them. I really only enjoy them when my girlfriend is around. She makes most things better, and makes video games fun. Otherwise, they kinda bore me.

Ricky Sprague said...

I am so far outside the mainstream-- the last video game I played on a console was in maybe 2003. One of the Grand Theft Auto games on playstation. I used a cheat code on that one to get more guns, or something.

I played farm town on facebook for about a day and a half and gave up. Sometimes I play farkle.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, I have never played even one of the grand theft auto games. but then, I have trouble driving cars in video games so I always assumed i'd be bad at it. haha what's "farkle"?

shampoo said...

allen tdg, well... you know how it is... one day video games and another day some other hobby. :)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Yeah.. true. I guess the only thing I am ever constantly interested in is my girlfriend. For 10 years she has managed to be my obsession whilst weathering my extremely mercurial interests (into Palladium RPGs at the moment, lol). Poor girl stuck with me. Don't tell her, but she could do better than me shopping for a b/f at her local crack house (or Sarah Palin book signing).

shampoo said...

speaking of the dim-witted one... I heard some deranged people stayed up all night to get their book signed. what on earth would they do if a REAL celebrity like victoria jackson (surely, she's written a book by now) showed up?