Tuesday, November 24, 2009

shocking pop (snicker)

they are still going on about the adam lambert "controversy." I have two words: dress rehearsal.

I didn't watch the amas because award shows suck. I have seen a snippet from adam's performance. what I see is a LOT of people on stage who would all be falling over each other if they hadn't rehearsed.

so, the tv people knew what adam would do. if they actually had any problem with it, they had a chance to make him change it. since this only occupies a few seconds of his performance, he easily could have made the changes and kept his overall performance.

this got on tv because it was supposed to... granted, with a larger audience everyone may have performed with more enthusiasm, it would still be basically the same thing.

what I saw wasn't very entertaining. it seemed rushed. bleat a few words, pose, bleat, do controversial thing, bleat, pose, controversial thing, etc. the kissing (a "man") was the best part because that means it's over and my ears and eyes are glad.

now, they've dragged lady gaga into it... she gets away with it. blah, blah. who cares? why are people even listening to this crap?


shampoo said...

now adam is saying the "controversial" parts of his performance were "spontaneous." the kiss, maybe, but the rest I still think was planned and rehearsed.

I am wondering if his overall performance was planned more to look good to the in-theater audience. there seemed to be a lot going on ... many dancers, etc. so, controversy aside, I wonder if it looked better in person.

of course, I still haven't seen the whole thing and don't plan to... I still don't think this is a real controversy.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked! Who knew Adam Lambert was gay?
Or could sing?
This 'guy' is so goodamned gross. Oh wait, I may be thinking of that Lady Gaga dude who was smashing vodka against a flaming piano pretneding to play it FOR A SONG WITH NO PIANO IN IT!
In the words of Eric Cartman: "If this is what's cool now, I'm going to go home and shoot myself."

shampoo said...

there is a way to tell lady gaga from adam lambert. his hair is taller.