Saturday, November 21, 2009

shaniya davis & the coleman family

11 years ago bradley lockhart's wife of 7 years, vickie sue coleman lockhart, was murdered. they had 3 children byron III (now 20-21... i've heard both ages... named for his grandfather), cheyenne (now 17), and chivas (now 13). these children have been raised by the colemans.

when mr. coleman heard about shaniya being sent to antoinette's, he offered to take her in permanently. he didn't want her around "the drug people." the colemans are a black family, so he would not have been holding antoinette's race against her.

when shaniya went missing, her grandfather and her 13-year-old half-brother searched for her. the colemans lost two daughters to murder.
when 28-year-old vickie sue was murdered on 3-3-98 her sister channel coleman (age 19) was with her. vickie sue, channel, and 24-year-old david lee epps were all bound, gagged and shot with a shot gun. two other victims thorsten malin and tyrone parker (both 21) survived the home invasion robbery that took place in the graham road duplex at 1 a.m.

vincent lee thomas and litdel burkhalter were convicted of this attack. both are in prison.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

And again, the more details about this case that are uncovered, the more fucked up the case begins. It is absolutely bee-zare how every aspects of this crime seems specifically designed to more incredibly, nightmarishly horrible. I mean, this is all so fucked up that it seems scripted. I keep expecting the Demon Etrigan and Batman to show up on seen to investigate. Alas, in real life, there are no heroes, so that'll never happen. In real life, little children die in dark places to serve darker purposes, and the media is more interested in Sarah Palin's "book", Oprah's quitting, and how gay is a sin.
Way to have perspective, mankind.
And they say God is angry. I sure as hell hope not, or none of us are making it.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I can't believe I misspelled scene...

shampoo said...

yes... it's an awful case... I wonder what the police are making of all of this. and I didn't even notice "scene".

shampoo said...

I forgot to mention... thorsten malin and joe epps staton (who wasn't home that night) were the ones who lived at the apartment. the robbers were seeking to rob staton of $20,000. his mother, sheila epps, said the money was in the bank all along.