Sunday, November 29, 2009

last car payment!

I made my last car payment yesterday. it was just a partial payment, so it was actually the smallest payment i've ever made.

before daddy had his stroke, I had my car almost paid off... I am glad he was able to know that because he was really worried about my finances.

my family kind of thinks I have the financial skills of a particularly frivolous two-year-old. this isn't true, but I have been in bad situations financially before. and then other things happened that made things look worse.

once, when I was out of town, my father kept getting calls that made him think my car was like five payments behind. actually, that was totally wrong, but he found a very misleading bill (and tore off the part that showed that i'd made three recent payments) and showed that to my sister. she called and chewed me out before it occurred to her that, duh, most of what they sent was missing (i have no idea why my father tore off what he did... I don't think he realized he threw out the most important part) so who could tell anything. but my sister had him convinced he could lose his house. yeah, our house is worth $3000 (eyeroll) which is what my car payoff was at that time. oh, and p.s. ONLY my name was on the loan and my name wasn't on his house, so... worse case scenario: they'd take the CAR.

also, I was getting some telemarketer calls mixed in... I didn't owe those people a cent, but it added to the confusion. it kind of pissed me off about my car loan people because there was no reason for them to harrass him like that.

then there was some credit card telemarketing going on and, as I told him over and over, it wasn't even saying anyone owed them money. it was trying to get us to apply for their card. but since I didn't even have a credit card, it was pretty impossible for me to owe them money.

I got something that looked like a credit card in the mail once (i don't remember if it was just an ad or something else) and he solemnly gave it to me saying, "please be careful with this." that scared me for a moment until I actually looked at it and saw it was nothing.

but, long story short, my car title should be getting here soon and i'm glad my father knew how close I was to paying it off...

I am going to have some more bills coming my way now, but that's life.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Congratulations on paying off your car.
I have always thought you were very good at managing money. However, managing nothing is hard to do.
Again, your family knows you about as well as I know the geography of Pluto.

shampoo said...

yeah... although, I feel like i've been paying on this car for ten years even though it's more like five. haha

and yeah... it's hard to get bills paid with $0.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

You are going to be fine. You are smart and VERY good at the Avon thing.
Which reminds me- everyone reading your blog should buy Avon from you.

shampoo said...

haha... i'm not even signed up (again) yet. lol but when I am... :)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

You should do Tupperare too. Just become like a multirep for all those sort of things. Tupperware used to be cool.

shampoo said...

yeah, I remember when everyone had tupperware parties and my mother would come home with some random bowl she felt obligated to buy.

when I was in h.s. I was invited to someone's tupperware party along with some of the other girls in my class. some of us decided to go as punks for some reason. (i had forgotten all about that, haha. we really had to improvise because trust and know our parents didn't exactly let us dress like sex pistols groupies).

but, we all dutifully bought at least one thing. I bought a mediun white bowl. it could be in this house somewhere for all I know.

that's the only tupperware party I recall ever going to. I can't imagine why no one invited the punk girlz to more little marketing ploy get togethers. haha

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I bet you made a cute punk chick.

shampoo said...

haha... the main thing I remember was my improvised lipstick. I even got some compliments. it was blistex (the white kind in a tube). hehe I know now that doesn't seem "punk", but it was for a quick minute.