Sunday, November 29, 2009

negative me

my sister was here yesterday and things were much better.

my brother was around thanksgiving and the day after and got all pissy and told me "there's a lot of negative noise coming off of you."

no one else was at all upset about anything I was saying. I was talking about buying a cd (investment vehicle). and I wanted other people's opinions.

not half listening this pissed him off and he decided I was ungrateful and stomped out. he couldn't even stay for dinner which was about 30 seconds from being served.

the day before that, I got lectured on praying my pain away and if i'd just believe in the LORD all would be perfect. this is basically saying to me my parents weren't good enough to live or I didn't pray for them hard enough and I am not wanting to hear that.

be a little grateful. break my heart.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Your brother is an asshole, especially during the holidays. As for prayer fixing everything- that is not supported by the Bible or by logic.
Logically, if praying worked the way your sis in law says, there would be no aethiests or suffering.

shampoo said...

yeah... she wants me to go to her church. if I go to any church, I already have one that suits my way of thinking much better.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I wouldn't go anywhere near a church that believes in the FALSE notion that all suffering is punishment delivered by God. The entire book of Job is one long rant on the way we're not supposed to ever think that way.

shampoo said...

I am not sure what her actual church believes, but I know it's not my kind of thing. i'm a mainline kind of christian. so if I go back to church, i'll go to that one i've always attended as I know people from there and already know how things work. my sister has been going....

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I'm not very mainline at all. I am deeply religious, but I have a lot of views that diverge from mainstream Christianity (I am not republican, I believe in evolution, etc).

shampoo said...

my church believes in evolution? it's part of God's plan. we believe that the bible records a lot of things that happened, but there are millions of years where dinosaurs were running around and so on... somethings may not be perfectly dated, but earth's obviously more than 6000 years old.

mainline is methodist, presbyterian, lutheran, episcopalian. I don't know why they're so-called. we are not fundamentalist. my views fit o.k. with my church.

prayer is very important, but you can't just demand things because that's kind of rude. o.k. that's not actually what they say. haha but you get the idea.