Friday, November 6, 2009

groceries in time

today I went to the doctor. then, I went to get my prescription filled and buy some groceries.

now, I used to work retail. I have some sympathy for some of the things retail employees must endure and I realize that sometimes things just take a while. after all, no one can run every minute. however, people ought to be able to move.

I have never seen anyone who wasn't badly injured or very old or both move as slowly as this woman at the pharmacy counter. she even paused in looking for my medicine in the wrong place to clean invisible dust off her shirt.

I didn't say anything because I knew better than to even start. plus, it took her fully two minutes to realize she was helping me now, not the woman behind me.

of course, I don't know what that crazy thing was doing back there. she came in and declared where people were checking out was the drop off. unfortunately, she didn't take her bothersome self over to where she thought the action was.

no, she decided to stand right on top of me and the credit card reader while she talked to someone in the car as well as her new bff miss slowpoke.

the people on the other pharmacy cash registers were just as slow. I don't know how it's possible to move at such an unnaturally slow pace.

the pharmacists were moving fairly quickly. so, I think some sort of time travel was occurring. whatever it was it extended over to regular checkout.

now, produce codes are something cashiers have to learn. it's much faster to know them than to try to figure them out. so, here I am trying to recall the codes because i'm not sure the cashier could look them up. I don't know if she was new or what, but it took forever and I got such unique items as an apple and two oranges (in separate bags). everything else I bought (about 25 more item) had a barcode on it.

anyway, I guess the point of this story is this store (kroger) better get on their agame with a quickness because they have officially become more of a pain in the butt than walmart.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I was a pharmacy tech for 2 years and very good at it. I always understood that NO ONE comes to a pharmacy wanting to spend time there. Sigh.

shampoo said...

I really never have seen such slowness. even at pharmacies that are hardly ever very busy so the techs don't build up speed, they're still faster... even when someone who doesn't normally use the cash register uses it. it's like they were purposely being as slow as possible. the man in front of me got fed up and left and he stood there talking to miss slowpoke for a while with his checkbook out.

Joe said...
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