Sunday, November 29, 2009


well, courtney love has taken to her poor abused computer (pda, netbook, what have you) to let us know britney spears is a sex slave to her molestor father and courtney's not gonna stand for it! she's not too clear on how she's going to stop it, but whatever.

sometimes I think courtney gets britney confused with herself. because her britney posts come out of left field like the "strapped to a gurney" rant. just all of a sudden (it seems to me, but then I do not EVER go to any of her pages), she's gotta talk about britbrt.

people are all taking this seriously. well, it could be true. courtney actually is not stupid. but she does lie A LOT.

I don't know if she even knows britney. for some reason, I just can't see those two hanging out even if they do have some similar interests.

meanwhile, the unfortunate dj qualls apparently hooked up with courtney. people, leave her alone. good grief. but then again, i'm sure he was no match for her feminine wiles. although I am a bit surprised she chose him, but it was thanksgiving. most people were too busy eating.

just to terrify myself further, I looked up courtney on who's date who (i know it should be "whom"). here's who they list (note, apologies to any guys who do not belong on this list):

fred durst (er... courtney?), he's a leo!
ian wagner
jeff buckley, a scorpio!
russell brand, gemini
ted nugent (in 1976?! wtf? courtney was 12 then!), sagittarius
james moreland (first husband, a musician, who is now scared of her. took out an ad to try to warn kurt about her)
billy corgan (her especial pet), pisces
kurt cobain (second husband), pisces
edward norton, leo
scott weiland, scorpio
trent reznor, taurus
jim barber
howard stern (the dj, not that dude who married anna nicole), capricorn
julien casablancas, leo
steve coogan, libra
jamie burke

that's the website list... I don't know the significance of everyone's signs. cl is a cancer BTW.

I know this is not everyone. in fact, some of these guys... o.k., I am hoping the ted nugent thing is wrong, but probably not. what a perv. I have seen a picture of cl when she was around that age, she did not look like a grown woman.

i've heard evan dando got to spend some time with cl and her special teddy bear (sick!).

I have no idea why i'm talking about this... oh yeah, of course she knows stuff, but you can never trust her. never.


shampoo said...

oh yeah, I forgot sarah bernhardt. she says she brought courtney into kabbalah. idk. I do know there are some other girls.

honestly, cl probably can't list off everyone.

I don't like her, but some bad things did happen to her. I really believe she was badly sexually abused as a child and she DID NOT EVER deserve to be treated like that.

but many murderers have very sad stories. so, in my opinion, the people who abused her share responsibility for the bad things she's done.

if she'd been treated decently, she might have grown up to be a sweet person. she is clever and talented. that courtney may have been a real asset to the world.

this is not to excuse the things she did because she does know legal from illegal. it's just to underline what certain things can do to a person. and even though I can feel some sympathy for her, MOST of my sympathy (as always) is reserved for the victims, not the murderers.

kurt cobain and kristen pfaff tried to love and care for her (in very different ways, of course). both tried to use their talents to help her dreams come true. now they are both lost to us along with other people less famous whose deaths are linked to her.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I agree. Courtney Love is a cancer.

shampoo said...

yeah... I thought that was fitting...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

As for Ted Nugent and his love for 12 year old Courtney... He's complete garbage anyway.
But don't let Glenn Beck find out- it' break his faggy little heart!

shampoo said...

yeah, before I got a look at the year of their "encounter", my first thought was that ted was cheating on glensie. I was so hoping for a cl vs. gb slap fight! (and ted nugent is scummy)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Oh god, if Courtney Love and Glenn Beck fought to the mutual death that would be fucking awesome. Maybe Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh could be on the ticket too and they too could just fucking die. God that would be sweet,

shampoo said...

hmmmm... cl vs. gb .... who'd win...
both are crazy
both are heavily drugged
both are evil
she fights dirty and knows how to use distraction
he can yell really loud

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Glenn Beck has an army of delusional fucking idoits who blindly follow him like fucking zombies descending on a hospital.

shampoo said...

but would they fight to regain ted's lovin' for gb? I guess he could just call it "a friendship of mutual respect" (or whatever that is translated into whacko).

shampoo said...

meanwhile, ted would propose they settle this with a suck-off. I don't know what cl would do, but gb would make a beeline for cheney.