Thursday, November 12, 2009

tommygirl, tommygirl, tommygirl

well, tom cruise is working on finding a sexy movie for himself and katiebot to co-star. why would he do this?

granted "days of thunder" (which I have not seen, but people say...) and "far and away" were fairy successful forays with nicole kidman. but then there was "eyes wide shut". this was a good movie, don't get me wrong. but i'm not sure it really fulfilled tommygirl's agenda.

so, proving he's a movie-picking genius, he is thinking about remaking "last tango in paris" with katie. what?

first, this is not a movie that needs remaking. there's just no reason for it.

some people think it's dated, but those same people would want real sex (i'm getting this from articles they've written). are tomkat sure they want to go there?

well, I suppose they could do the movie all in english instead of a mix of french and english (the french is subtitled in english). I suppose that would be different.

but, does tommygirl realize there's a difference between a movie with a lot of sex in it and a sexy movie?

basically, i'm finding out a lot of odd things as I prepare my "last tango in paris" post. haha


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Days of Thunder and Far and Away did fairly well mostly because Tom had not been over exposed and Kidman can act rings around his dorky ass. Eyes Wide Shut was not a good performer at the box office, and the sex in it was not very sexy (though Nicole Kidman is very beautiful). Truth be told, Tom is not good at romantic or sexy roles at all. They always seemed faked and forced with him.
Hell, Tom's most believable on-screen romance was with Brad Pitt.
As for remaking Last Tango in Paris... speaking as an actor, I can honestly say that Brando was genius surpassing anything I have seen in the movies. To remake one of his roles is retarded. Which, of course, means that Tom will get right to it.
Oh, and Tom has no more fucked Katie than I have.

shampoo said...

good point about tom and brad. haha maybe brad will play marcel. o.k. I doubt it, but tom can dre-- what am I talking about?! he'll get will smith to play marcel. lol maybe jada can play Rosa the Dead Wife.

as far as tom and katie... didn't michael jackson already make this video with lisa marie? if it wouldn't work for a three minute video then a whole movie is going to be a mess.

tommygirl needs to get really real with himself. he couldn't reprise brando if marlon brando was his personal acting coach. which that actually sounds about like something hollywood would set up if they could.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Well, in Stepfordville, some things sound better than they actually are.

Ricky Sprague said...

I hadn't heard about this until reading your post, shampoo. It sounds like a joke, but the line between real and parody has been all but erased. According to this I found in "Now" magazine:

‘Tom’s looking for something that’s cutting edge and sexy, but also accessible.

'He’s thinking along the lines of Basic Instinct – a movie that has a mainstream plot, but also some intense sex stuff."

If they're looking for intense sex and accessiblity, maybe they could do "Last Tango in Peoria."

Now mag link:

shampoo said...

ricky, great idea! or maybe "last macrena in peoria". :)

i'd seen "basic instinct" mentioned as well. I didn't take the "last tango in paris" thing seriously until I read it several places. given a theme of the movie is honesty versus artiface... well... hehe

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Basic Instinct would be even worse with Tommygirl in the lead. Imagine him flashing all those police officers...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

another theme of LTIP: butter vs orifice.

shampoo said...

tommy vill not use de butter! he will use... well, whatever all the gays are liking these days. you know, to make the role HIS OWN!