Wednesday, November 25, 2009

kurt cobain & Mind Kontrolle

poor kurt. now people are thinking he was a slave to the agency. I am not one of those people... or at least, i'll say overall no though there seems to be a time period (during his relationship with the horrid skank courtney love) where... possibly, to an extent. but if that's true, it appears he broke free of it before he was murdered.

oh yeah... he was murdered. check for details. has also done a few articles as well. the shampoo listed there is me. I was answering some questions raised the person who wrote one of their articles had. they decided to post it as an article.

there are many places online with information including tapes made by the private investigator courtney hired to (supposedly) find kurt. but not really, of course. because, boy, would kurt have been surprised to find out he was missing! he was living in his own house. I mean, wow, who'd think to look there? um, everybody did and skank kept sending them on wild goose chases.

I really don't know if courtney was working for anyone but herself. I think it is possible (based on things she and people who know her have said), but I don't know who (or what) it is or may have been.

mind control will be called "mk" to save me typing it out.

obviously, there is absolutely no way to know for sure if kurt was mk'd. even if every member of (or formerly with) the agency swore he was not, we still wouldn't know.

IF his body still existed, it might be possible to determine if he was abused in certain ways (i don't know...), but he was cremated with an amazing, mind-boggling, suspicion-inducing quickness and the skank claims someone "stole" what was left of his ashes (sigh, poor kurt, I hope whoever it was respectfully BURIED them).

mk is from a cia project called mkultra. it is a real thing that was brought before congress in the late 70s. a lot of people say the project continued either by a different agency or just under a different name (i don't know).

another important cia project to mkultra is project paperclip (which the cia admitted the true nature of in the early 90s). formerly, they'd just claimed to get nazi rocket scientists. now we know they got other types of scientists as well as high-ranking members of the nazi intelligence network (for their information on the u.s.s.r. supposedly). we weren't the only ones at nazi career day, so i'll give you a moment... yeah, it sucks.

all of this is not secret. the cia has admitted to various things over the years... sometimes because they didn't have any reason to continue keeping it secret, sometimes because they got caught... lots of reasons I don't know about.

if you want to know some of their past projects, they have a website. the goal of the site is to present the agency in a good light, but still. it'll give you some background.

various conspiracy sites have taken the mkultra thing and run with it. whole lists of celebrities are mk'd and all sorts of organizations have joined the party.

I don't know how (or if) this works in reality, but basically people are mk'd via various tortures... electroshock, physical pain, rape, food deprivation, water deprivation, sensory deprivation, isolation, systemic use of drug-induced states, etc. this causes the person to "disassociate" to the point they will form disassociative identity disorder (once called multiple personality disorder) which is a psychosis.

the trick in mk (allegedly) is they drive them crazy in such a specific way that they can then be "programmed" with various functions. some of these only come out when specifically called up by a "handler."

now, it may be possible to do this with some folks, but I would guess a lot of people will just go plain old ordinary crazy (and again, I mean psychotic, as in someone who will find if difficult to impossible to function in society.. being homeless and eating handouts might be too challenging for them). but I really don't know.

what I DO know is brainwashing (as it used to be called) is possible, but it requires unlimited access to a person while greatly restricting their access to people who aren't part of your agenda. some people are more susceptible than others, although drug use can make a person (temporarily) more malleable. but, this doesn't lead to anything as complicated as what people are talking about with mkultra. it will provide you with a person who willingly becomes one of the group and will take orders from the leader. of course, people talking about mk are usually talking about people whose "training" began in very early childhood (although, some adults are mk'd just through drugs, electroshock, etc.), so it's easy to imagine that systematically working with someone from age 2 would lead to more extreme results. but could that person function in society?

kurt has talked about a time after he got married to the skank (i think he actually called her "courtney") when he basically sat around the house using heroin. then, surprisingly (sarcasm), he got tired of this lifeplan and started to cut back on the narcotics and ... by what many people have said courtney encouraged kurt to use heroin as a way to make him more dependent on her. I don't think she actually introduced him to heroin. she certainly did not introduce him to narcotics.

he had used morphine before (he had a prescription) due to extreme stomach pain. his stomach pain was different from most people's and he really did need some heavy duty pain medication to be able to eat, etc.

I used to believe that perhaps this relentless pain caused him to commit suicide, but then I saw an interview where he talks about FINALLY being diagnosed and prescribed medication (a narcotic).

courtney made sure this medication along with all of kurt's guns were confiscated by police. so, is it any wonder that kurt had a bad attitude about the "intervention" where they threatened to fire him from the label because he was using heroin. courtney knew that without his prescription, kurt would start using heroin again.

wait, what about mk? exactly. he sounds a little ornery for someone who is only acting as per his programmer's orders, doesn't he? there are many witnesses to all of this.

the kurt was mk'd people don't really know much about kurt or his music. they say he was used to create "grunge" and encourage apathy. first, kurt did not come up with the name "grunge." second, listen to nirvana, then listen to some other bands from the same time period, exactly. third, the crap (e.g. poison) that was already popular (holding over from the late 80s) encouraged apathy as well as just plain not thinking.

then we have kurt's death versus michael jackson's death. kurt was reviled, character assassinated, and turned into another person as soon as he couldn't speak for himself. in life, he was not a danger to children or anyone else. michael jackson raped countless little boys. yet, we have tribute upon tribute to michael.

after kurt died, nirvana was over. there have been a couple of things released since then, but no one who was IN nirvana tried to capitalize off of it. a good thing because nirvana got dragged down with kurt's character assassination.
michael's whole family has something planned to use him to advanced their own careers. although possibly not his sisters... if kurt got character assassinated, michael got the opposite and has become an hero.

so, if kurt was mk'd I think it was after he got famous and their goal was to get him to just sit around doing nothing until the public lost interest in him.

because it wasn't kurt's music that made people apathetic. it was the awful way he was treated after he died. they may as well have come on tv and said, "look who's finally dead. well, fuck him and fuck you, too." I honestly have never seen anything like it before or since.

I listened to alternative music years before nirvana, but I really loved them. I thought kurt was funny and sarcastic. his interviews were always interesting and sometimes really funny. I still miss him. he would call people out on their ridiculousness and make fun of himself for his own. it was great.


shampoo said...

for some reason I can't edit this?

I meant to say after kurt started using less drugs he got back to work on his music and made a lot of plans. nirvana recorded "in utero", went on tour, did the "unplugged" performance and more. when he died, he was talking to michael stipe about a nirvana/r.e.m. project.

what he didn't want to do was lollapoolza. he was offered lots of $$ but still said no. after he died, hole got nirvana's headliner spot on the tour. there would have been no way courtney could have pulled this off with kurt still alive even if he didn't take the offered place on the tour. this is the real reason for the intervention.

but, to fans, it seemed more logical than it was because we believed kurt had deliberately or accidentally o.d. in rome. actually, he told courtney he was going to divorce her and she tried to kill him. he o.d. on medication that had been prescribed to her. which lends credence to the stories that he wasn't using heroin at all at that time.

again, odd behavior if he's mk'd. he is refusing to do several different things people were trying to convince him to do.

meanwhile, courtney's behavior has been erratic throughout her public life. sometimes people will think she's easy to work with and then she'll change. her childhood is very strange. there are allegations she was given lsd when she was three (unproven). she did not have a consistent home. she lived at a commune when she was young and later her mother sent her to live with a variety of people. she makes a lot of racket, but she many times will do exactly what's expected of her.

kurt's message was "think for yourself." he didn't expect you to think like him or be like him or agree with him. he just wanted people to make up their own mind.

courtney's maybe said the same thing, but she never means it. she wants you to think she's awesome. she wants you to think however she says. she wants to be the "voice of a generation" the title kurt turned down.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

People who claim that Alternative music inspired apathy either do not know the definition of apathy or do not understand music. Music that inspires apathy is simply music that is void of emotion. It may sound good (most opera and jazz), it may not (emo and modern country), but it is apathetic because there is no feeling to it. Alternative, whether you like it or not, was extremely emotional. Not always angry, either, because REM and Toad the Wet Sproket weren't terribly upset about a lot.
Cobain wasn't mind controlled. I don't believe he ever was at any point. He was pretty famous for not really playing ball. I even doubt Courtney the Murderer was. She comes from a sex cult background and was a known lunatic and musical poseur (she went from music scene to music scene in England and the USA trying to get started in any genre of music that would have her-- she only made it in alternative thanks to the boyfriends that wrote her songs- Billy Corrigan and Kurt Cobain).
I think Courtney was sent in to kill Cobain by whatever sinister shadows that work to mind control the popualtion (that's your real danger- these people don't attack individuals, but civilizations). They knew she was obsessive and lunatic and simply pointed her at him like a gun. And it worked. The only work they really did was to cover up the murder and to give that frenzied whore a public forum to destroy his reputation.
Oh, and to make sure that no one ever did what Nirvana managed to (miraculously) do again.

shampoo said...

yeah... I think that's a lot more likely. I just don't think most people's minds can take the kind of relentless abuse that's needed to make a mk slave. I don't think it's impossible, but I do think they have probably learned how to choose people to do things who are already predisposed that way. that's how it's REALLY undetectable because they haven't done much to the tools they use.

due to the great corruption and incompetence the seattle p.d. has shown in several case as well as the low esteem they held kurt in... I don't think that much to help courtney. a little here and there, but not too much.

if someone is truly mk'd (to a huge extent) in all of this, it's probably someone who hasn't gotten very much notice. it seems that's the best way for the "programming" to hold up rather than throwing them into too many normal situations. but it's not like I really know. haha

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I think the mind control stuff is probably used mostly for very specific missions, like assassinating presidents or blowing up Federal Buildings. I really doubt it is widely used because it can't be inexpensive, reliable (since it creates crazies), or easy. Using propaganda agencies (like Fox "News") and propaganistic movements (like the "Christ is a hoax" movement that is dominating pop literature at the moment) is so much more predictable and reliable. After all, it saves the shadowy sleepmasters teh trouble- you just let people brainwash themselves (just like hypnosis). Begin with instinctive xenophobia, stir in fear and insecurity, and bake with repetition and careful editing and there is really no need at all to brainwash individuals.

shampoo said...

unfortunately, I think they have gone whole hog on some people just to see what would happen... kind of like they did with the atomic energy experiments (which proved they had no problem killing their test subjects). there may be people where all of this stuff works perfectly, for all I know, but they probably use those resources prudently because maybe they represent 10 percent of the people in the experiment.

although I have heard that they'll give people an airhead front personality so people will write off odd behavior to simple stupidity. and then there are probably some that are mildly crazy, but can function in society well enough to be useful. again, people would write off strange behavior to the crazy.