Sunday, November 22, 2009

shaniya davis, her mom & mario macneill

10-03-09 bradley lockhart left for a job in portland, oregon. he frequently spent time out of town due to his work as a building contractor. in fact, he did not return to fayetteville until shaniya went missing.

about a month before bradley left town, antoinette started calling him and telling him that she'd changed. she had a job, she wasn't using drugs, she wanted to be a mom to shaniya. these fairytales sounded convincing enough over long distance that a week after bradley leaving town, she'd gotten her hands on shaniya.

not only were drugs being done at 1116A sleepy hollow drive, they'd even been sold there. frequent visitor (and boyfriend to brenda davis) mario andrette macneill was a drug dealer.

antoinette and brenda both needed money. antoinette owed mario a drug debt (or so he says) and brenda owed back rent. this isn't an accusation against brenda, but simply to show that antoinette's situation was not the way she'd described it.

antoinette's boyfriend was 30-year-old clarence coe. interestingly, he says he did not really know macneill. does this mean that macneill avoided coe?

coe claims that shaniya called him, "daddy." I don't know that much about coe, so I don't know if he should be believed or not. he also said that he'd never seen shaniya sleeping in the living room. he added, "educated people, figure it out."

the baby antoinette is carrying belongs to coe. he did not live with her.

mario macneill (d.o.b. 4/30/1980) was born under a full moon. the websleuths astrologers say, "self gratification is his all." maybe that was why he was smirking in his mugshot. he knew people all over the world would see it.

the car that the police took 11 bags of evidence from is mario's mitsubishi galant. he owns a total of five cars. he let brenda and antoinette use at least one of these vehicles.

given what macneill did in june 2001, it's surprising he was not in prison. he shot someone in the face, shoulder, and arm. two other people were injured in this shooting. macneill was released from custody to await his trial. about a year later, he's arrested for drug posession. he goes on trial for the triple shooting and the drugs and is given 40-50 months on probation.

it only takes him a couple of months to be arrested again for drug possession. after this, he is sent to prison in october 2003. he's released in may 2006.

he is due to appear in court on 12-02-09. he is currently being held without bond. perhaps macneill will finally be locked away from law-abiding citizens.


Anonymous said...

Child molestation, rape, violent abuse, and murder are all just variations on the same predatorial behavior. Predators cannot be reformed, no matter how long they are nstitutionalized. Capital punishment should be applied in all cases of predatorial crime. Also, in the case those that enable and assist predators in the pursuit of their lusts. And do not be mistaken, kiddies: that abhorrent level of diseased violence is the ONLY meathod these guys have to get hard and cum. That's why they do it. Expecting them not to do it, or to be reformed and cease doing it, is like expecting a normal guy to decide to give up his interest in the opposite sex. That is, by the way, not a joke, but a valid comparison.
The monsters who killed this little girl should all be executed (including whatever wealthy fucker who set it all up and spent the money to remain invisible- I mean, who did MacNeill meet at that hotel?)

shampoo said...

I agree. one pedophile is often responsible for many cases of abuse. remove the pedophile and save kids.