Friday, April 30, 2010

life with shampoo

shampoo has been out of town and taking an unintentional break from technology. as some of you may know, i've been under a lot of stress lately. i went to see my specialist out of town and i've been just sort of hanging out... but, very soon i will be back complaining as usual!

the interesting thing about stress is it makes you very jumpy and irritable! so, i guess i figured without my usual level of screaming in terror any time anything even slightly unexpected happened that my blog posts wouldn't be up to my usual level of excitment. hahaha

see you very soon, love shampoo :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

no thanks, i've read the book

so, jared leto wants us to help him with some sort of "war" (?), but before the people who might wish to do this can snatch up the emo equivalent of logging chains, tire irons, and crotch bats, he procedes to tell us: the war is won! wtf!
then he starts singing about BRAVE NEW WORLD! that sounds awesome unless you've read the fucking book. i'm not saying it's a bad book. it's an awesome book. but, i don't want to live there. besides the fact personal helicopters were much more common than irl it was pretty sucktastic.

above george orwell is breaking things down for us.... (i know he did not write brave new world, i just like him better although i don't want to live in his books either).

Monday, April 12, 2010

lida machine sad drawback

apparently, my insomnia cure was used for brainwashing in korea. :(

the lida machine has been considered obsolete by (then it was the) soviet union (since before it stopped existing). it has a u.s. patent, but "has never been sold here."

some doctor managed to get one to test (after it was considered obsolete). he was making his cat take a nap when someone passing by recognized it from having been hooked to it in korea.

the doctor did make some people go to sleep as well believing it would be safer than drugs.


spy games is stupid

o.k., speaking of the cia ... I finally saw that dumbass movie robert redford and brad pitt made. look, i need to pray this movie is a totally inaccurate portrayal because if it's not... holy shit, we are fucked.

fun highlights:

the cia (in the movie) is unable to tap cell phones or, in fact, hear very well normal conversations/phone conversation IN THEIR OWN BUILDING when they have a specific target IN SIGHT.

they are amazingly easily amused spending TWO DAYS listening to a rambling account that could be easily summed up with one word: "girlfriend".

they haven't heard about sexpionge.

they are very subtle in their operations... oh wait, that was the blues brothers, no they are pretty obvious. however, they are good at climbing stuff.

they have difficulty forging documents.

they have difficulty in detecting forgeries.

they have difficulty in detecting code talk right in front of them.

they will easily give up their true id if a girl pouts. even if their boss outs himself to say, hey dumbass, your girl is not so honest.

they have to be reminded to check out associates.

they need random civilians to carry out assassinations. however, they will drive the civilian to, well, NEAR the target.

they are worse than I am with schedules.

this is just a fucking stupid movie. I am sneakier in my day to day life. also, if I have a signature and a document and ima gonna use an old timey fax machine... I got your forgery, five minutes. everyone knows how to do this, right? it took like two hours in the movie, I swear.

can you name your blog something stupid?

I just found a blog called "mk not so ultra" er... what?

mkultra = manufacturing killers utilizing lethal tradecraft requiring assassination ... so this blog is called: manufacturing killers NOT SO utilizing lethal tradecraft requiring assassination?

thanks for playing. haha

mk is often short for mind kontrolle. but, there is the ultra. do people really think the cia sat around adding superlatives to programs to make them sound more badass? "that's a great name, sidney, but shouldn't it have a little more zing to it?"

oh well, I did find out about a whole new line of moronwear while there. do some people just have too much money?

p.s. ... the annoyance label concerns the tshirts (rightfully disparaged). they are obey brand and... well... I don't know if they're supposed to be ironic or what, but... they suck.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

it's healthy cough blood

that is a line from super hero movie. shampoo has to cheer herself up. I just found dried blood on my pillow (nosebleed). it freaked me out a little bit. my medicine is making me sick. I went to the doctor and got a 2/day antibiotic. I forgot I have trouble with those....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

oh so there's a mind reading device now...

apparently it was premiered at some convention. it can "guess" what you're thinking about.

omg, I think about the craziest topics. these don't reflect what I actually believe half the time. like, right now I am thinking "leonardo dicaprio is retarded". but, I doubt he's actually retarded. just under-educated due to acting (just go with it) in movies rather than going to schools. although... schools these days...

oh, the mind reading thing is all being promoted as so convenient. wouldn't you like to have the number of a "posh restaurant." if I want a goddamn phone number, I will look at the fucking internet on my goddamned phone. I probably can't AFFORD the "posh restaurant", but whatever. if I should time travel, there have been phone books for 100 years.

just a few days ago, I learned that, like 40 years ago, the russians invented a device (called a lida machine) that can make you go sleepy bye. and it can wake you up, too. can I get one of these?!?! omg! they are allegedly being used to fuck with some people, but, in the right hands (mine) they could be useful. an insomnia cure... I wonder if you can put a timer on one... oh, I think they were originally used in hospitals. I do think there must surely be a drawback to them. (sigh)

omg, will people PLEASE stop taking sarah palin seriously?

I just read a headline that boldly declared obama (who is potus) and sarah palin (who has some sort of tv show, i've heard) are "debating" nuclear policy. I really don't believe that. sarah couldn't "debate" a bowl of cereal let alone obama (who is extremely good at debates, please to see obama vs. h. clinton... she is better at debating than mccain, btw. but obama debated him, too so he can handle republican "debating tactics").

so, I have no idea what this is about. sarah probably ranted that we should blow people up on her show and someone asked obama and he said we weren't going to be doing that. I mean, the way newsactors have gotten these days and... I don't know what to call a newsactor who just writes stuff for publication (i am considering "newsranters") anything's possible.

it is being said on more than one blog that sarah is fucking mk'd. omg, it's like her whole fucking reason for not being relegated to the most remote part of alaska just became clear.

when she ran for mayor of fucking wasilla (pop. 7000), she ran a full-on party-sponsored campaign. she stressed she was a "born again" christian (i am starting to really wonder what that actually means... I know it SUPPOSEDLY comes from the bible, but my experience is anyone who really emphasizes this is well, like sarah. I am a christian and they scare me.) her opponent was lutheran, btw, he was kind of "wtf??" about that tactic. sarah also went on about being anti-abortion (because I am sure that has not one damned thing with being mayor of that town). hilariously, when she ran for re-election, she said she'd cut her own salary. and she did, by ONE PERCENT. she also hired a whole different person to actually do her job. he just so happened to be coming out to bumfuck alaska JUST TO WORK FOR SARAH though he had heavy connections with state government.

so, anyway, she was carefully groomed by the party. the numbers 8 and 22 come up so much with sarah it is beyond coincidence (there's like 50 incidences). some people have a real thing for numbers, I have no clue what this means (to anyone, but specifically the people who are into this), but 22 is one they are liking now. so, I take the 22 to mean we'll be putting up with her for a while.

but, back to the mk... she was a pageant girl. they like those. there is a shit ton of stuff in alaska related to that sort of creepy stuff.

she has some kind of relationship with henry kissinger who likes to use mind files (people who have information programmed into their mind for him to retrieve. note, this does not mean the mind file is smart just that they have a photographic memory with this part protected by amnesia walls.) she carries two blackberries, one red and one black (i don't know why this matters, no one has explained that. in some mk scripts used for kids programs are called "fruits", besides that idk).

then there's the disturbing pictures from the 2008 clinton initiative in manhattan. sarah is talking to several men including jesse jackson. cindy mccain comes up behind sarah (with a very weird smirk on her face) and palms some object off to jesse (she thinks she is hidden behind sarah's back... she is hidden from sarah). after he takes this small silver object, jesse says something into sarah's ear and her whole demeanor changes. it's noticeably odd... but other than that...?

this started people wondering if he had just activated her kitten programming. the pictures are at life magazine and these events are clearly shown. what they really mean, I don't know.

events that occur due to kitten programming are not meant to be remembered except when specifically called up because the "kitten" becomes a super freak with no thought to her own morals or husband or whatever else. (i think this probably was intended as an espionage thing... originally).

some people wonder why, if kittens exist, do people like elliot spitzer get caught with paying escorts. just to clear up one bit of confusion... kittens don't mean FREE sex. someone pays for them. sometimes the person getting the sex pays. sometimes the kitten's services are given as a gift. of course, if you have an agreement with the owner and don't follow through... well, you might get smeared all over the papers after they start sending you regular prostitutes rather than kittens (i guess they could also just be kittens who are aware of what they do). but anyway, someone they can let be publicized. (btw, there are male kittens).

publicity is one reason I would say sarah doesn't really do that. she's too high of rank and that would be too much of news... I think it'd leak out. but, that's the theory on her.

whatever the case... she is being controlled by someone (whether actually mk'd or not). who are they? what are they trying to do with her? are all the people who actually think she should run anything other than herself the ones who are mk'd?

shampoo wants her to go back to alaska asap. doesn't her gaggle of children need her?

maniac's son sends maps to california police

back in the 80s a certain man in california regularly kidnapped women, held them captive while he abused them, and (if they didn't escape) killed them. he forced his son to help him dispose of the remains...

the police received maps leading to the remains of ms. turpin (missing since 1988). they also found a large redwood stump that had been hollowed out. one woman had been kept prisoner in it. inside the stump, they found old evidence that suggested someone had been kept there. it is unknown what happened to this woman after her escape.

another woman escaped. she had been taken on a boat to be killed. the police actually found her and got the story from her. at the time (late 80s), she chose not to go to the police. perhaps she feared that would lead the man who'd almost killed her to her whereabouts. or maybe he'd made her believe he was "in" with the police.

the man who did these crimes died in 2006. I don't know if there were more than three victims, but given he was old enough to have a teenage son when the above crimes occurred... I can only hope those women managed to escape like the two women above.

I can see why the survivors didn't report it... who would believe them? especially the lady who was held in the stump. who'd even think that was possible? but, it obviously was.

I guess the lesson is there is no limit to evil. I didn't bother with the name of the killer because he's dead and I don't care about his worthless ass. he caused a lot of misery in his life. his son now lives in north carolina and is not facing charges.

Monday, April 5, 2010

celebrity fit club, maybe eventually i'll see it all...

i still haven't seen all of the last episode of celebrity fit club. i did, however, see the last weigh ins...

jay mccarroll lost 40 pounds! dr. ian encouraged him to stick with the program (jay has said he wants some muscles now, haha) which will be a lot easier with all the prizes he won! jay beat his nearest competition, kfed, to win the individual weight loss challenge. he got a gym membership, some nice exercise equipment, a nice watch, some guitars, and $20,000. so, i am really happy for him.

but, kfed did not go unrewarded! his team (the blue team) were the team winners and the prizes they got included most of the things jay got as well as a few more items including a nice trip. they got $70,000... i don't know if that was apiece or if it was to be split four ways. the members of the blue team are caycee, sebastian, tanisha, and kfed. (red team members: shar, nicole, bobby, and jay). there was some confetti dropped so sebastian and tanisha held hands and danced around under it. haha well, tanisha kind of hopped. she hurt her leg the previous episode.

i am a little irritated at bobby... he is making me side with whitney huston and i don't appreciate that. bobby was a huge, huge baby the whole time except for a few shining instances where he was pretty nice. i don't know if it's the fact that bobby's definition of "sobrity" is a little different than most people's (he regularly drinks, often to excess) or what, but he pouts up in a hurry.

he made a bet with dr. ian that he'd donate $1,000 to charity for every pound under his goal that he was. his goal was 20 pounds for the season. bobby lost 11 pounds. in fact, this week he actually gained a pound. so, he had to write a check for $9,000. he did sign a check and leave it, then stomped out muttering "kiss my ass." so everyone had to go out and convince him to come back inside. after he did, dr. ian said bobby can have 60 more days to lose the nine pounds and dr. ian will just hold the check (which wasn't made out in any case) to see what happens.

so, i guess bobby doesn't have $9,000? um... i find that a little improbable. for one thing, they are paid to be on this show. for another thing, if bobby had been so concerned about the money, he could've worked a lot harder to lose weight or just not made the bet in the first place. sure, it was dr. ian's idea, but bobby could have just said he didn't want to bet on that or offered an alternative of some sort. also, dr. ian only came up with that idea to motivate bobby because bobby was not following the diet at all. i think bobby just wanted to be on a television show and was all pouty and so on that the show expected him to actually DO something.

for one solid week harvey tried to call bobby because bobby had asked him to help him workout. harvey said he called "all three numbers" and the only person he talked to was bobby's daughter. bobby tried to blame the fact he hadn't talked to harvey on his DAUGHTER saying "she didn't tell me", but harvey said he heard bobby in the background. so, bobby had to admit that he had been there. he didn't really have any particular reason for not getting on the phone, but it's pretty obvious he didn't really want to work out or do anything else. i don't know why he specifically asked harvey to call him to arrange these workouts, but i guess that's the sort of thing he does.

other people who have been on the show that have taken harvey up on his offer have found it is very helpful and it really helped them with their workouts and success on the show. the season ross was on there, he worked with harvey and i am pretty sure he won the individual competition (unless that was the year maureen was on there). he lost a lot of weight in any case.

shar did really well on the show. the therapist lady on the show talked to shar and kevin a lot (separately) and kevin decided to apologize on the show to shar. i haven't seen his apology, but shar said it was the best moment for her. surprisingly, kevin said it was the best moment for him, too. he said it was really helpful and he thought "it helped shar, too." so, that says a lot about how difficult things must have been ... it's kind of surprising they have worked things out as well as they have. i guess that goes to show people can work things out (with custody and visitation) if they put their children first.

the thing about this show is dr. ian, robin, and harvey are so much more fair when it comes to the competitors. they seem much more able to put aside their personal feelings, especially harvey. (note, i haven't seen every season or every episode of cfc) then i look at celebrity rehab and sober house where supposedly it's (dramatic pause) life or death. yet, OBVIOUS favoritism is shown. some staff members are moody and/or passive aggressive. some people are continually treated as more important than other people. i don't know... the difference in the two shows are pretty shocking, but it shows a much better way of treating people. i'm sure having been in the marines harvey has seen it all by now, but he still views the celebrities as individuals. he scolds them when they need it and compliments them when they deserve it. it seems to work much better than what craziness i see on celebrity rehab where they will let one or two nutcases piss them off at everyone constantly. i'm sure everyone can think of a million ridiculous things from the dr. drew show. i have stopped watching it... i wonder how many people that show has turned off of rehab. to me, it's just proven that sort of rehab doesn't halfway work.

kate gosselin's unintentional commentary on modern celebrity

i missed the first part of dwts. nicey's excellent performance was the first one i saw. congratulations to nicey! that was awesome! and she looked really pretty, too.

anyway, back to kate. she was given "paparazzi" by lady gaga as her song. so, her dance partner tony took her to see an acting coach. i think tony did kate a true favor because kate has been taking out her frustrations with the fucktard jon (and, if she is honest, herself) on the world. sure, the paps follow her and that's annoying and probably makes her mad. however, she NEEDS them because it's not like she has the kind of talent that keeps loyal fans year after year ... she has to stay fresh in her fans minds (for the most part). that's bound to be stressful. also, i have to say, even i expect better behavior from kate than i do the fucktard jon. i think most people do (imagine any of the stories of jon and put kate in his place, see what i mean?).

so, the premise they tried was kate was a glamorous star on the red carpet and tony was PRESS. kate prances down the red carpet, snarling in his general direction even as she poses. then the dance starts.

kate is still not too good at dancing (hey, some people just cannot dance), but this added something to the story (and this is why i think this part was unintentional commentary). several times during the dance, kate holds her hands out a noticeably long time for tony to take her and move her to the next part of the dance. this probably wasn't meant to be so obvious, but kate HAS to have the paparazzi. all celebrities do, really. even as they snarl and complain, they reach out to the paparazzi (by notifying them in advance so they can be onhand for example). everyone wants press, as much as they can get until the paps get a picture they don't like or a story runs that (even if it's denied) exposes a secret (even a small one). it has to be weird. then, at the end, kate has "fallen" to the floor and tony is walking away and she wraps her arms around his leg and holds on tightly.

the judges thought it was a strange performance. i guess it was, but it really was pretty interesting. i don't know if tony used kate's lack of dancing ability on purpose or if the storyline just worked out better in my head than it was supposed to! haha

i think i will watch some of the other dances i missed. it was interesting to see the different attempts at storyline. although most people kept it pretty simple so it was dependent on how well the dancers could convey emotion.

an interesting thing i thought was nicole (from pcd) had two deliberate breaks of the rules in her dance. there's a lift (she briefly lifts derek) and a "hold break". i wonder if derek put those in so nicole wouldn't seem TOO good compared to the other dancers. i still am wondering why they cast her... she's a good dancer, but then again... no surprise. she's much more likable than i thought, so i guess this will earn her some fans no matter what happens. and it kind of shows her as a person other than the other pcd.

i'm not sure who should go home. i still think probably kate as her dancing isn't good. i know she has a gaggle of children at home, but she just can't dance. i do like her better this episode than i did before. not a fan yet, but i feel like i understand how she feels a little better. the thing is, SHE seems to understand how she feels after the acting coach had her act out some of her feelings. so, maybe this will be a good experience for her.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

i have been suffering from a very bad headache, so I did nothing for easter. however, I can't use that as an excuse. I probably wouldn't have gone to church anyway (long story).

but, easter is a very important holiday to me. so, happy easter to everyone.


p.s. also happy bday to my pretty bunny girl!

jackson, oh so now it's SUICIDE

conrad murray, so-called doctor, has declared michael jackson injected himself with extra profonol (sp?) and therefore killed himself in the two minutes murray excused himself to the little boy's room. the word "suicide" was used in the article I read. justification: mj knew he couldn't do the upcoming shows (whoever says).

cm claims he was yapping on the phone in the room with michael (thus "watching" him in a half assed sort of way). he claims michael liked to sleep with the lights on and with cartoons playing on tv.

o.k., shampoo does that sometimes as well... wow, I have something in common with michael jackson... but a person yammering on the phone would be on my nerves. so, I wonder if michael was awake or asleep. (i guess he'd be alseep given the drugs? I don't know much about that sort of thing.)

I don't know what happened to michael, really. but, I don't trust conrad murray. he didn't take good care of michael. he was being paid an enormous sum of money to look after michael, so his job ought to have been his foremost concern especially considering mj's drug use and ill health (underweight, insomniac, etc.).

at this point, i'd have more respect for him if he just confessed to killing michael because that'd at least make him an honest murderer. I have a very low opinion of murderers, but nothing is more disgusting than when they blame the victim.

also, if this is what mj did why did it take so long to call 911? most people, when they realize someone has taken an overdose, call 911 asap. yet murray dropped his cell phone on the floor (with his girlfriend still on it) and started bouncing mj up and down on the mattress (murray's useless "cpr").

murray eventually left the room to get mj's security people and had THEM call 911. by the fact he didn't use the fucking phone in his damn hand he contributed to mj's death.

if he'd instantly called, it'd be different. but, he waited... btw, I strongly feel that he isn't going to get in that much trouble for this. michael's fans need to go ahead and brace themselves.

speaking of which... michael's fans believe mj faked his death. they think he is biding his time before he sends for the kids.

I don't know about that... I don't know if mj would take any chance that his kids could fall into joe's clutches. but, that's just my opinion.