Tuesday, December 22, 2009

world peace?

now is the time we all ask what we want for christmas or for our new year's wish or whatever it is we do this time of the year. of course, we all know we ought to wish for something for the good of all mankind (humankind, earthkind). but, we usually want something. who can help it?

except, i don't this year. i can't really think of anything i REALLY want. i miss daddy and that's mostly what i can think about. otherwise, i don't know.

i'm sure i will like anything i get, but my siblings aren't likely to get me much anyway, so it's just as well to not get my hopes up in that regard. generally, i get cut out of all of the christmas pictures except the one where we'd all pose with daddy. they kind of had to leave me in there. my father could remember how many kids he had, after all. the reason for this, i guess, is they have kids and i don't. i just have me. and i suppose they figure they've looked at me long enough.

i have already gotten some presents and they were all really nice. i got some nifty new p.j.s that i am currently wearing. they came with a matching blanket, too. how neat is that?

and i got a whole bunch of neat magazines, dvds, and books. so that is super neat and exciting. i'm sure these things will really keep me company this long, cold winter. i haven't spent too much time with these so far, which causes my boyfriend concern. but i am enjoying visiting with everyone. most of the stuff i got were things that you have to fully concentrate upon to enjoy, so i'll look at these more closely when i get home.

most importantly, my bunny boy has a new water bottle!!! oh, he love it so much. he drinks and drinks and drinks. then he licks his sculpture (salt lick), then he drinks some more. he's so adorable. he's also been taking a bath for the last fifteen minutes, so i see some more enjoyment of his water bottle in his future. the bunnies, they are cute.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I hope all your gifts helped a little during this Christmas. My first Christmas without my dad was hard, especially since mom got out of the hospital just in time to be a hyper-paranoid bitch.
Christmas without loved ones is hard. Know that you, at least, are loved by someone. And two bunnies.

shampoo said...

this bunny over here offers to provide distraction... "let me hop!" he says.

i'm sorry for all the troubles you've had..

Joe said...
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Joe said...
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